Interior Design Trends For 2018

So it’s a new year and time to turn over a new leaf… quite literally in some cases, as one of the trends set to make an impact this year in interior design is patterned house plant leaves- think big, eye-catching leaves that make you feel you’re in an exotic jungle! But enough of the puns, let’s get down to the business in hand: the interior design trends for 2018….

To start with, there’s a carry-over from 2017 as all things Scandinavian are predicted to continue to be popular this year. Yes, the appeal of hygge has not yet diminished, which means warming influences for the long, cold, wintry evenings. Texture is the key here, epitomised by the thick and shaggy rug. Of course you can add the right kind of touches with a throw or two and cushions, if investing in a show-stopping new carpet is beyond your means just now. Additionally you can indulge in candles and take advantage of the vast array of scented ones currently in vogue. Obviously the timeless, cosy open fire is always very hygge too… if you have the option!

Interestingly, in contrast to the Scandinavian trend, dark woods are also set to make a come-back. The heavy richness that dark wood furniture and bookshelves create should make a welcome change from the lighter, more minimalist interiors we’ve had recently. There’s something nice about a lush, almost Victorian room full of handsome dark pieces. Now don’t go overboard, but do look out for this one and think about adding in some darker woods here and there.

In line with this trend, dark fabrics and walls are likely to come through this year as well. We’ve already seen sofas in cold grey and black, but we might well be moving into darker territory with unyielding wall colours too. The key to this one is moderation, particularly in the bedroom, as no doubt many will go too far and create something that touches on a “goth” teenage bedroom. Available light must be worked with intelligently for this to avoid gloomy spaces that make one miserable, so proceed with caution…!

Make sure to inject some luxury into the bedroom too this year. Go for that crushed velvet bed trend using the divine, palatial bed as your centrepiece, if the budget allows, as this really does bring an exquisite atmosphere to any bedroom. It’s a worthwhile investment and there are some great offers around with companies such as Bedstar, but a less costly alternative is to bring that refined quality through in crushed velvet cushions.

Vintage, like hygge will also stick around in 2018. However, a move away from the totally retro mad taste of the last few years will perhaps be replaced with a more sophisticated appreciation of the best of the past. This more refined take on vintage interiors is likely to limit the inclusion of natty objects to light fixtures and shades.

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Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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