Hair Trend: Cinnamon Swirl

hair-2Cinnamon swirl hair is latest trend spicing up women’s locks. With the onset of colder months, women are defying the tradition of going darker but instead opting to add warm and light tones to their tresses.

This latest hair colour trend takes its inspiration from cinnamon swirls and uses warm and golden tones and turns them into a multidimensional masterpiece that magically blurs the line between brunette and blonde. For a drastic look you can go for non-blended mix of light and dark highlights. But for a wearable look, ask your hairstylist to add cinnamon toned strips of balayage into your mane to look sensational. It seems everyone is defying the norm of going darker in autumn and instead choosing to go lighter this season. Celebs who have taken on this trend so far this season include Chrissy Teigen and  Jessica Biel.

my-hairI popped into one of the capital’s top colour specialist salons, ColourNation, to see what all the fuss is about.
Clients travel from across the globe due to the salon’s specialists colour expertise, so I knew I was in good hands. Unlike many salons, it stocks every single hair colour which Wella produce  to ensure that you get exactly the right colour for you – without compromise. Have you ever wondered why your colour is different between visits or stylists? It could be that the salon has run out of your exact shade so they fudge-it to try and create it for you. Most salons will stock about 40 tubes out of the whole 200+ hair colour range and mix the rest up. Colour NationBut ColourNation believes it is much simpler to just stock everything that way your colour is never compromised. My stylist recommended that because my hair is dark, I should avoid very blonde tones as stick to cinnamon & caramel hues (see pic above). I think this is the trick with any hair trends is that you have to adapt it to best suit your colouring. After a few hours in the salon, my hair was transformed. I loved the vivid strips of cinnamon running through my hair. My hairstylist also blow-dried my newly coloured locks to perfection and when I looked at the final result I felt very swish and summery.  The best part of this look is that it requires very little maintenance. If your natural colour is already similar to what is placed at the root, you can even just let it grow out. But  if it’s a more drastic change, you’ll have to go in for root touch-ups as the colour grows out. Also the tones add an instant glamour to your hair which is great going into within and winter – especially with the onset of Christmas parties. As with all hair colour – this look requires constant conditioning to ensure the colour stays vibrant. But as long as your remember to constantly condition your hair – then this is a very wearable look.

  • For more information on pricing contact the ColourNation salon in 5 Winsley Street, London, or call 0845 888 8333


Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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