Gift Guide For Your Best Friend

Christmas FriendYour best friend is your go-to person for everything from hugs to handbags. There to support you in times of trouble, cheer you up when you’re feeling down, celebrate the good times with, then pick you up when you fall down after one too many Proseccos.

So show her some love this Christmas and get her a gift that’s a break from the norm, a gift she’ll never forget (clockwise from top left):

Best friendMarchmont Hunter silk scarf  – Inspired by the bohemian heritage of London’s Bloomsbury and created using images from the designer’s own travels, these luxury silk scarves take on a three-dimensional quality thanks to a multi-layer design process. The collection comprises a range of looks, from the pastelly Paradise Islands to the vivid and bold Urban Jungle. Presented in a bespoke gift box with personalised postcard bearing the design, this is an accessory gift guaranteed to wow. Available from £100

Benefit Life Of The Party Makeup Gift Set – Get down to boogie town with our full-face makeup kit! This beauty blockbuster features our bestselling lengthening mascara, PRO primer and so much more! Comes in a festive partyland tin. £29.50 from John Lewis.

Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet – Tory is a fashion forward bracelet which turns your fitness bracelet into a chic accessory. A discreet way to keep in touch with your fitness  – Tory Burch adds a feminine edge to the current selection of fitness trackers currently available on the market. £170 from

Liberty Gift Coins – For the friend that is hard to buy for get the distinctive Liberty coin instead of a gift card. The unique minted coins come beautifully packaged and can be spent on anything, from the latest seasons fashion collections to distinctive and contemporary furniture, and there’s no expiry date. From £10 from Liberty London.

100% cashmere v-neck sweater  – There is nothing like the soft touch of cashmere and by giving this to your best friend, it’s like giving her a hug! Uniqlo not only has a huge selection of beautiful colours but also a great price, £69.90 from Uniqlo.

Zubrówka Vodka – The Original Bison Grass Vodka has over 500 years of tradition and history, putting it a step above your normal boozey Christmas present. And this limited edition bottle means you’re giving a gift that looks great too. Zubrówka’s unique draw is characterised by the single bison grass blade that is placed in every bottle – a nice touch to give it that really special feel. And for the perfect Christmas cocktail – try a legendary Apple Zu, an extraordinarily smooth and aromatic cocktail made by mixing cloudy apple juice with the vodka, and adding a squeeze of lime. Limited edition bottle available until Christmas from leading supermarkets including Tesco at £20.

Frends – The most stylish of Headphones, Frends Headphones manages to make music that little more feminine. Available in a range of colour’s and styles, our favourite is the gorgeous rose gold oil slick cap.  Get ahead of the curve with this new stylish collection of women’s ‘wearable’ technology, available now. £139 from Amazon.

Inez Throw Aqua by Klippan – There is nothing better than wrapping up, watching girly movies and drinking wine with your closest friendsThe Inez throw stays true to the pillars of traditional Swedish design – minimalism, symmetry and function. £84 from Heals. Then settle down and watch The Holiday & Love Actually (DVD Boxset)
just £5 from Tesco.

Ringly – Ringly creates smart jewellery and accessories which keep you connected to the things that matter most to you. Integrating discreet technology into peoples lives, Ringly connects to your phone using Bluetooth, allowing you to receive customised notifications using a subtle light on the side of the ring. No more phones on tables ladies. $195.00 + shipping (£130.00 GBP) from

LSA International Polka Metallic Champagne Saucers – Give classic elegance a modern, fun-loving twist with this set of four subtly coloured champagne saucers. Expertly hand-crafted from clear, sparkling glass in Poland, their thin-stemmed, round-bowled design is traditionally charming. The set offers a perfect way in which to enjoy a celebratory tipple, from champagne to cocktails. £36 for 4 from John Lewis.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin – a delicious drink that makes the most perfect Christmas Cocktails such as the Red Snapper. Opihr is the Fastest Growing Premium Gin in the World and comes in a beautiful bottle designed to make any drinks cabinet look chicer than chic!  Available from Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison,Booths and Harvey Nichols, priced from £23.00.

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

After almost a decade chasing ambulances, and celebrities, for Fleet Street’s finest, Emily has taken it down a gear and settled for a (slightly!) slower pace of life in the suburbs. With a love of cheese and fine wine, Emily is more likely to be found chasing her toddlers round Kew Gardens than sipping champagne at a showbiz launch nowadays, or grabbing an hour out of her hectic freelancer’s life to chill out in a spa while hubby holds the babies. If only!


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