A Step Back In Time: Interior Trends for 2015

Interior trends 2015Reimagining the past is nothing new for home décor lovers, but this year style setters are promising take the bygone days to a whole new level! Designers are dusting off ideas and peering into history for inspiration, putting a chic, modern spin on everything from fossils to florals. I’m a big fan of making old things new again and have chosen 6 of my favourite “past-made-present” Interior Design Trends for 2015.

1. Ancient ArtefactFossils in Elle Decor
Cave drawings are believed to be early evidence of man’s desire to decorate…and they’re making a comeback! Well, sort of. This year, we’re seeing a stunning return to Ancient World-inspired décor, incorporating pieces inspired by faux dinosaur bones, petrified botanicals, and fossilised organisms. I’ve even spotted a gallery wall full of framed “cave drawings” that elevate the concept of Man Cave to a whole new stratosphere.

2. Piping
High Point Market, the annual design extravaganza that takes place in North Carolina, USA, often showcased upcoming trends. Something we spotted on several pieces of lovely furniture: piping. Nobody is quite sure when piping fell out of style, but luckily the lovely trim is back, often in contrasting colours to modernise the look and give furniture the dramatic flair it deserves.

3. Velvet Flocked WallpaperFlocked Wallpaper
If you were a Victorian lady of means back in the mid-1800’s, you probably ate, slept, bathed, and swooned in rooms covered by flocked wallpaper. In fact, grand homes would have been incomplete – and quite embarrassing! – if not covered in the texturised florals and paisley prints. As time and trends marched on, however, flock wallpaper fell out of style but now, with decadent twists and updated concepts, Velvet Flocked Wallpaper has returned to its former glory!

4. Cabinets of Curiosities
Victorians also inspired another trend for the 2015 season: cabinets of curiosities. Modern cabinets have been reduced to displaying quite boring bits, like dishes, cups, and books. Yawn. But the Victorians used their case pieces to display a variety of curious finds and unique conversational pieces, similar to their own private mini-museums. Taxidermy, preserved insects, strange drawings, and other such things were tucked carefully into their cabinets and proudly shown off. Inspired by the limitless possibilities, designers have begun reintroducing the Cabinet of Curiosities into modern décor as a way to personalise a space and stir up quite interesting conversations focused on the marvellous collections housed within the case.

5. CopperCopper - via Daniella Witte blog
Copper, a material used since pre-historic times, has long been confined to the kitchen, content to be molded into copper pots or faucet fixtures. But after years of being in the shadow of sexier metals, like gold and silver, copper is finally having it’s moment to shine! This season, we’re seeing decorative details like copper trays, frames, and light fixtures scattered throughout every room of the house. Some are even making copper the star of the show, using the penny-coloured metal in bold statement pieces like shimmering wall treatments and even crown molding.

6. Butterfly Motifs
Everywhere we turn this year, butterflies will be flitting about from cups to carpets. The little creatures invoke a whimsical sophistication that has inspired décor since Ancient Egypt, appearing in artwork, jewellery, and even etched into the tomb of queen Hetepheres. Never fully out of favor, butterfly motifs have always turned up here and there throughout history, however, in 2015, we’re seeing a swarm of exciting new ideas swarming the market in every way possible.

And there you have it, my favourite ways designers are looking back while looking forward! Wishing you a lovely and stylish New Year, darlings!

Angela Leland

Angela is the owner of Angela Leland Interiors, a sassy boutique interior design firm based in New York City. She is also writer/editor for the blog The Decadence Project, dedicated to exploring sexy spaces and exotic places with an emphasis on design and travel. When she’s not plotting her path to greatness, Angela can be spotted around Manhattan sipping gin cocktails and singing bad karaoke.

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