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Searching for a perfect pooch

The truth is I don’t have a dog… yet. As I settle back into my life in the Motherland, after years of moving from place to place, country to country, I have been contemplating finding myself a pooch to pamper. And where better to have a pampered pooch than London! So I have set myself the task of finding all the cool, trendy and pampered pooch worthy places to dine, walk and play with my future friend.

The first question I need to ask myself is what kind of dog do I want to share my space with? After a recent trip to a country fair, where I sat in the sun studying the varieties of the four legged type, I have classified my preferences into – posh, trendy and downright cute.

The country fair dog show is a standard event but unlike the ‘professional’ shows that creep around the country at this show any mollycoddled pooch can enter regardless of size, age or colour. From a majestic Great Dane to a larrikin terrier cross they came in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the perfect dog for this Belle was going to be harder than I thought.

I grew up with dogs of various shapes and sizes that had one thing in common – they didn’t fit into a handbag. Unfortunately big dogs are mostly suited to the countryside so I rapidly realised I had to give up my dream of a lovable golden retriever or a gorgeous German shepherd and set my sights lower.

So from my designated categories I slowly started to make a list.

Posh dog
These dogs can make even the most confident Belle about Town feel slightly inferior. You know the type, perfect bone structure, hair groomed to perfection with a natural air of entitlement. Straight away I realised, as I sat in my old jeans and wellington boots (in my defence the weatherman was certain it was going to rain), an extremely posh dog, such as the beautiful husky looking down it’s nose in my direction, wasn’t for me. Next.

Trendy dog
Dog trends have been around for decades from the very cool Afghan hounds of the 70s to the iconic Lassie dog. Could I really get away with a trendy dog? The current trend is the celebrity handbag dog. A Chihuahua popping his head out of my Burberry handbag (OK, my high street ‘lookalike’), I decided, wasn’t really my style.

Cute dog
There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t go awwww when they see that Labrador puppy playing with a roll of super soft toilet paper is there? I think not. Any dog can be cute. After all they all have big sweet eyes, happy waggy tails and if you’re really lucky love you forever regardless of you job, address and dress sense.

That’s it! I’m on the hunt for London’s cutest pooch to be my new friend. Now on to my next task – once I have the dog what do I do next?

Having a dog, or any pet for that matter, isn’t just a case of frolicking around in the grass. I suspect I’ll need to do a bit more research. Next stop beauty care – doggy style!

By Kitty Nine
[picture credits: tanakawho; Tambako-the-Jaguar;http://www.flickr.com/photos/brianscott; http://www.flickr.com/photos/jarpy]
Miss B

Miss B

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