5 More Top Interior Trends For 2013

Trends IIIn the second of our two-part series, interior designer Angela Leland, the owner of New York-based boutique design firm Angela Leland Interiors and author of The Decadence Project blog, reveals the top trends for your home ( click here if you missed the first part).

1. Salvaged Driftwood Accents

Why we love it
Those gnarly, natural swirls of wood are insanely interesting, making them instant conversation pieces. They have a rough elegance about them that works effortlessly with practically any style and bonus points for being environmentally friendly!

How to do it
Casually – these pieces aren’t fussy or formal, so use them in whatever way strikes your fancy. We’ve seen them popping up in cocktail tables, lamps, mirrors, and even brunch table vignettes!


2. Moroccan-inspired

Why we love it
It goes without saying that Moroccan-inspired décor has been influencing design for decades, but this season we are seeing a passionate embrace of color and patterns, which is perfect for a Moroccan resurgence. Intricate Moorish tile patterns, Ikat fabrics, and Moroccan poufs are simple accents that can give your space a little spice. Antiqued copper lanterns finish off the look – which is one of my favorite ways to make a room feel well-travelled.

How to do it 
Layered – Moroccan flare is all about mixing bright colors and geometric patterns in unexpected ways, bringing a sense of sass and energy to a space. The more layers you add the more visual interest is generated. So don’t hold back!



Why we love it
City dwellers are quite familiar with the gritty sense of creative rebellion inspired by graffiti art. Some love it, some don’t, but all can agree it makes a definitive statement…especially if spray painted onto a living room wall! Oh yes, this is happening. And it’s not just confined to the walls. London-based furniture makers Jimmie Martin are famous for their unconventional artistry slathered onto traditional furniture pieces.

How to do it
Like a rock star! Bringing graffiti into your home is not for the decoratively timid, but it can be a helluva lot of fun. If your spray can skills aren’t quite up to snuff, try ready-made decals or paint templates to achieve the look.

Graffiti Main

4. Whimsical Statement Pieces

Why we love it
There is nothing more fun than having something gasp-worthy in your space to make guests do a double take. We’re noticing a surge of kooky pieces popping up in interiors this year, confirming that people are growing bolder with displaying their whimsy.

How to do it
Big! If you’re planning to incorporate a whimsical statement piece into your space, don’t be meek about it. Make it unmistakable and remarkable. Golden piggy bank encased in a plexi-glass side table? Sure! Pirate ship chandelier? Why not! Faux-taxidermy flamingo? Of course! Go for this trend with gusto and have a blast doing it.


5. Celebrate Your Own Unique-ness

Why we love it AND how to do it
Trends come and go, often vary from place to place, and don’t always fit your design personality. That’s why our final design trend of 2013 is to follow no trend at all! Chart your own course and choose pieces that fit your life and personality. Let the trends inspire you, but don’t allow them to dictate your taste. Be unapologetically, ever changing, always growing, constantly inspired, never boring, always stylish YOU.


by Angela Leland of The Decadence Project.
Angela Leland

Angela is the owner of Angela Leland Interiors, a sassy boutique interior design firm based in New York City. She is also writer/editor for the blog The Decadence Project, dedicated to exploring sexy spaces and exotic places with an emphasis on design and travel. When she’s not plotting her path to greatness, Angela can be spotted around Manhattan sipping gin cocktails and singing bad karaoke.

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