10 days in the life of an Anastasia dress

When I saw the Anastasia dress I immediately though what a great idea it was, a dress that could be changed to suit your mood and the occasion. Vanessa Knox’s Anastasia dress can be the staple piece in your wardrobe that can be used to create a multitude of looks. I wanted to try out just how variable the dress could be and set about to see how it would fair over a seven-day period. I found it so amazing that I had to extend the time to 10 days and even after that I was finding I was still excited about the flexibility it gave me.

Day 1
Getting up for work this morning wasn’t easy and as a result I am running a few minutes late. I am also at the tail end of a cold and as such want to be wearing something comfortable but smart. The Anastasia dress is perfect as it feels soft against my skin but is smart enough to wear to work. Today I wear it without doing anything fancy, simple and stylish. I add a skinny purple belt, purple heels and a silver necklace to complete the look.

Day 2
Today I have an important meeting that is not only going to take all day but I have to feel super confident as well. I decide on a pair of bright red high heels, a patterned neck scarf and pillar box red lips. One of the fabulous features of this dress is that I can dictate the hemline that I want, with a little tug I pull the dress up so that it is a few inches above the knee, still professional but I look like I mean business.

Day 3
I have lunch with the girls and decide to wear the dress pulled down low on my shoulders to show off my newly tanned decolletage. With my hair pulled off my face and a brightly coloured bag to complete the look.

Day 4
Cocktails after work and the beauty of this dress is that I can wear it one way for work and straight out to a bar. I feel a bit like superman when I go into the toilets, quickly pull my arm out of one sleeve and wrap it around my waist. I emerge a minute later having gone from smart to sexy.

Day 5
Every women loves shopping. After working hard all week I decide to go and try my luck at the sales with a friend. Comfort and easy of getting undressed and redressed is the order of the day. The black dress gets some colour with teal ankle length tights and a statement necklace. I also make the dress one shouldered by putting one arm through the neckline and folding the arm back in on itself.

Day 6
Its date night and rather than trying on several different outfits I just try out the many different ways to wear the dress. I opt for the sleeves twisted around my chest and then tied behind my neck to create a halter neck. No other accessories are required; I just let the dress speak for itself. Half way through the meal I decide to play an experiment on my date as see how much he has been paying attention. I excuse myself and go into the bathroom. Minutes later I return with both sleeves tied around my waist so my neck is fully exposed. My date gives me a slightly quizzical look like he has noticed something has changed but not sure what and carries on with the conversation. I go back into the bathroom before we leave and fold the arms over my shoulders and tuck the ends into the back or the dress. Now I have a square neckline, this my date notices but only just.

Day 7
It’s a Sunday today so a day of rest. Last night I had a couple of glasses of wine and a huge desert so I am grateful that the dress doesn’t cling in all the wrong places. I am going for an afternoon country walk so I wear it as a jumper and team it with dark blue jeans and wellies. Part of the beauty of the dress is depending on my mood, occasion and what I wear it with I can tailor it to suit any event in my life.

Day 8
I still love how flexible the dress can be. Today I have a friend’s party to go and it’s a glamorous affair. I put both arms through the neck and tie the arms in front of my waist, now I have a lovely strapless dress. Pulling the arms round my back first skims me in at the waist giving a great silhouette, I could tie them around the back and leave them there to create a tight fitting dress. As I am feeling not entirely happy with my stomach I tie them around the front, this gives a tight fitting dress that shows off all the areas I am happy with and disguises the ones I a not.

Day 9
I am going out to lunch today and decide to wear the dress as a top and team with skinny dark jeans and an eye-catching belt. I wear as a halter neck and twist the arms whilst pulling them across my chest and then tying them around my neck.

Day 10
I am visiting friends for a couple of days and don’t really know what we are going to do or what the weather will be like. Luckily though I can pack really lightly knowing that I have several outfits for any occasion in one gorgeous dress. If we go out for a few drinks I have a little black dress that can be altered depending on my mood and my confidence. If we are staying in I have a comfy tunic I can team with thick tights. For a pub lunch I have a comfy jumper that can be teamed with jeans for a relaxed looks.

Perfect Accessories

1. Undercover Glamour, Stick on Backless and Strapless Bra, £12.99

2.Elliot Rhodes, Heburn Belt, £184.50

3. Aspinal of London, Barbarella Bag, £395

4. Mary Ching, Cecille Shoes, £259

5. Pretty Polly, 60 Denier Opaque Fashion Tights £4.25

6. Nina Ricci, Nina L’Elixir £34

by Rachel Gardner

Miss B

Miss B

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