Tasting The Future Of Glorious Goodwood

A day at the races at Glorious Goodwood

There’s nothing quite like getting dolled up for a day at the races. And coming up is one of the most iconic events in British racing – Glorious Goodwood.

Nestled in the rolling Sussex countryside, Goodwood’s racing history goes back more than 200 years of history since the 3rd Duke of Richmond launched the inaugural race meeting in 1802.

Glorious Goodwood – now officially called the Qatar Goodwood Festival – starts on Tuesday and runs until Saturday, with five days of racing expected to attract 30,000 people to the estate.

Now we know our Belle readers love a good day out, and what better than a quintessential day at the races. But if sipping champagne, putting a bet on and watching the horses isn’t enough for you, we have sniffed out a special little treat for all you food-fans out there.

To mark more than 200 years of Goodwood history, new caterer Rhubarb has created a one-off menu inspired by years of hospitality at the racecourse.

The menu’s inspired by the book Major James Henry’s Breakfasts, Luncheons and Ball Suppers, published in 1887. Rhubarb’s chefs have combed through the book, picking out ingredients from dishes served during the 18th and 19th century ‘Race Luncheons’ throughout the year to make their own tasting menu.

They’ve used specially-selected ingredients, some from Goodwood’s own Home Farm and others from the surrounding Sussex countryside.

Belle went along to have a try, so here’s a little sneak peek of the menu:-

“Half a cold salmon with mayonnaise sauce’’

Cured and smoked salmon, shaved fennel, burnt lemon jam, horseradish snow; a perfect light dish that would have been served across the Summer months at the Goodwood Racecourse

“Mutton Broth’’

Mutton consommé, braised belly and onion toast; a warmer alternative made from estate-reared organic roasted meat

“Pot Pourri Salad’’

Shaved raw and dehydrated vegetable salad, Summer truffle; this salad marked a seasonal change in the racing season as they moved into Spring dining

The tasting menu at Goodwood“Veal Hash’’

Rose veal loin, bubble and squeak hash, veal popcorn and Pea and lovage purée; this dish marked the transition from Summer to Autumn at the Goodwood Racecourse showcasing a variety of textures and flavours

“Individual Savarins’’

Earl Grey bavrois with bitter orange; refreshing hints of traditional British Earl Grey flavours as the penultimate tasting dish

“Galettes De Plum’’

Victoria plum galette, five spice caramel and crème fraîche sorbet; a truly authentic luncheon dish served to fulfill the sweet palettes throughout the year at the Goodwood Racecourse

Belle also had a little chat to Rhubarb about the mammoth food operation behind Glorious Goodwood. After all, with 30,000 people to feed, it’s not a case of a few sarnies.

In fact, over the five days of the festival they expect to get through 2,500 Goodwood Estate sausages, 125kg of Levin Down cheese, 125kg of Molecomb Blue cheese, and 175kg of Charlton Cheese. And that’s before you get to the 7,500 scones, 800kg of strawberries, and 50 litres of Goodwood Cream.

Tasting menu at Goodwood RacecourseAnd while we’re on strawberries and cream, today (Tuesday) Rhubarb will be handing out their own twist on the British classic to the first 50 guests through the door.

Strawberry and cream pavlova with a hand-piped marbled meringue base with freshly-whipped cream and strawberries, topped with meringue batons, freeze-dried strawberry crumbs and decorated with edible gold leaf flakes and flowers. What’s not to like?

  • The Qatar Goodwood Festival runs from July 26-30. Tickets start from £14 and can be purchased from www.goodwood.com.

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