Farringdon’s Barsmith Goes Tiki For The Summer


What do Hollywood, Zombie and London’s Barsmith have in common this summer? One word: Tiki.

Since 1930’s the Hollywood’s elite made ‘Don The Beachcomber’, a Polynesian-themed bar and restaurant in California their hotspot, the Tiki culture vibe was firmly established.

An authentic Tiki God is part of the decor at Barsmith Goes Tiki popup in Farringdon this summer

An authentic Tiki God watches over drinkers as they sample the special Tiki cocktail menu

We owe it to Donn Beach, the owner of ‘Don The Beachcomber’ that we can enjoy some of the most mouth-watering combinations of the finest rums and tropical fruit flavours, including his famous cocktail ‘Zombie’. And do I even have to mention the most quintessential Tiki cocktail ever, Mai Tai?

Now, the bar-of-the-year winner Barsmith, is bringing exotic coolness to the tables all summer. Their dedicated team of pioneering mixologists at Infusion Lab of the award-winning Marylebone Leisure Group have created an exciting list of Tiki-inspired cocktails.

Just a short walk from Farringdon station, passing the famous dance club Fabric (Oh, the memories…), I’ve eagerly strutted towards the bar to get my own piece of South Pacific summer fun.

It was a hot-and-bothered kind of day in London and I welcomed Barsmith’s ambience almost immediately. The venue’s generous open-plan space features a long bar on the left-hand side, with a raised VIP area at the back. Wooden tables and the brick walls create a perfect backdrop for the eye-catching Tiki-inspired décor of tropical plants, lush palm trees and bespoke carved Tiki Gods.

I did not even have to think about my first choice of a cocktail. ‘Zombie’, Barsmith’s take on Donn Beach’s 1930’s classic, came with all the trimmings. As per their exclusive ‘Barsmith Goes Tiki For Summer’ food and drinks menu, this cocktail is ‘home infused rum, rum and more rum mixed together with tropical juices and presented in true Tiki style.’

There were flames coming out of the ceramic Tiki mug, with an extra bowl of a single sugar cube on the top of it. A potent yet tasty cocktail creation. One down, few more to go.

p this summerThe Treasure chest cocktail at Barsmith in Farringdon which is hosting a Tiki popu

Indulge in a Treasure Chest cocktail to get the Tiki party started this summer

‘Navy Grog’ was next on my list and turned out to be my favourite. If you’re not one for the cocktails too sweet, too bitter or too sour, this is delicious. It does not come with an ice cube, it comes with an ice cone, don’t you know. With a little skull flag attached to the straw. Why wouldn’t you feel cool drinking this one?

As you progress down the list of Barsmith’s exciting Tiki cocktail menu, from Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada or even Painkiller and Tiki Tango, you come across the Barsmith Treasure Chest. This treasure is of a liquid value and serves 6 people. It’s served in the infamous treasure chest filled to the brim with tropical flavours of guava, pineapple and pomegranate, laced with boozy concoctions of the finest rums and topped off with a bottle of ice cold Prosecco.

Barsmith’s Tiki experience wouldn’t feel complete without their Tiki-themed bar snacks and artisan pizza options, including Huli Huli Chicken Wings, Pulehu Short Rib, Spicy Pineapple Fritter or Luau Platter to share. Tiki-inspired pizza choices were just as scrumptious: Pacifico Prawn, Kauai and Beef Rib.

Barsmith will be hosting special events throughout the summer, with their resident DJ infusing the atmosphere with a great Tiki vibe music. The bar’s popular 2-4-1 Cocktail offer will be extended from 7-11pm Monday to Friday, as well as all day Saturday.

  • Barsmith Goes Tiki will run from June 15th to the end of August. For more information or to reserve an area for your Summer celebration, see www.barsmith.co.uk
Zuzana Ritchie

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