Swinging Sounds at The Savoy

Most of us would never wish to be anywhere else, but sometimes our beloved London can feel a little relentless. With the constant hustle and bustle on the streets, every now and again we need a little taste of escapism. Thankfully, anybody in search of such a departure from their daily routine can now seek sanctuary at the Savoy Sessions Jazz Night, a twice-weekly celebration of the finer things of life in the capital’s legendary Savoy Hotel. 

Taking place in the hotel’s iconic glass domed Thames Foyer, traditionally associated with the most luxurious afternoon tea in the city, the Savoy Sessions are something that anybody seeking a break from the pressures of the day-to-day should look to experience. Few things are better for the soul than lovely champagne, delicious dessert foods and the smooth, peaceful sounds of the gifted jazz band on stage, and this event delivers all three of these luxuries in spades.  

The Savoy Sessions run each Thursday and Friday, opening at 7.30pm. From the moment, you set foot inside the dreamy surroundings of the Thames Foyer, unrecognisable from the daytime decor, tastefully dressed and lit by gentle candlelight, you’ll feel as though you have stepped back in time to 1920s New Orleans. As a result, all the worries of your day will slide away in no time at all. This relaxation will only magnify when you start to sip on Louise Roederer Brut Premier NV champagne, every bit as delicious and refreshing as it is luxurious, and sample just some of the delightful food available from the hard-working Savoy team. 

A typical menu choice would include London-cured smoked salmon with pickled cucumber-and-chive cream cheese as an appetiser, followed by desserts to die for. These include such treats as Chocolate Decadence, which comprises of chocolate fondue along with seasonal fruit skewers, or Dynamite Belle-Helene, which is a sumptuous and velvety poached William pear, Tahiti vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. These recipes have been carefully selected and hand-crafted by the Savoy’s dedicated pastry team, designed to act as the perfect accompaniment to the cocktails which are also available on the night, which add just another touch of class to an already elegant evening. Just for the record – they are lip-smackingly good and served with a flourish and opulence that only the Savoy can do!

To die for – Chocolate Decadence

Of course all the fine dining in the world would not be able to cover poor performance from the stage musicians, but there is no danger of that at the Savoy Sessions Jazz Night. The entertainment will be provided by a number of notable names and familiar faces from the genre, consisting each time of a trinity of gifted performers; a pianist, a cellist, and a soulful singer. Far from abrasive upon the ear, the musical stylings served up by these talented trios will purely add to the calming relaxation of the night, massaging the ears with delicate tenderness akin to soaking in an aural bubble bath.

These evenings are open to guests of the hotel and members of the general public alike, with a comparatively relaxed dress code of smart casual. Jazz music may be described as “the right notes played in the wrong order”, but be assured; the Savoy Sessions Jazz Night is certain to hit all the right beats for anyone fortunate enough to attend. We’re all entitled to a little indulgence every once in a while, and this event is the perfect way to enjoy such luxury.

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Charlotte Hull

Charlotte Hull

Charlotte Hull spent her early career running around Fleet street for national newsrooms, before hanging up her boots to pursue a different kind of dream.
Her two greatest loves are travel and world events. After a six-month career break working in Uganda & Rwanda, empowering young women, Charlotte is now focused on travel, wellbeing and humanitarian cause.
From tutoring English in Uganda; hanging with the silverback gorillas in Bwindi, teaching English to Syrian refugees in London; trekking in the Amazon, kayaking across Croatia; walking the four quarters of Jerusalem, Caribbean spas; red wine & cheese in France & Italy and driving through the outback in Oz – her passion for discovery is insatiable.
Charlotte has a degree in international development. She is a born & bred Londoner & despite her love for getting on planes, she will always call London her home.

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