Bone Daddies brings Japanese Fusion to Kensington


Japanese food is definitely having a moment right now.  You can’t move in London for Ramen bars and oodles of fresh udon noodles.

It’s a movement which can’t be ignored, Alan Yau is about to open an Asian themed gastro pub in the heart of Soho named Duck and Rice, and newly opened Joe’s Oriental diner is causing a stir in Chelsea. So it seemed fitting to visit Bone Daddies situated in High Street Kensington, which was founded by the leader of the Japanese moment Ross Shonhan.

Ross Shonhan is the ex head chef of Nobu, and a self-confessed Asian food addict. His Rock and Roll Ramen bar, Bone Daddies has been making waves in Soho since 2012. Ross trained as a chef in Nobu, and worked his way up to head chef over two years. He eventually left Nobu to join Zuma in London.

After Ross joined Zuma, it soon became famous for it’s original and delicious Asian food, and Ross was known as the chef who defined the cuisine. A new type of dining experience was born, and Ross was at the forefront of the Asian fusion curve.

After a few years at Zuma, Ross took on a new challenge, his very first restaurant and so Bone Daddies was born. The restaurant really ignited a fresh wave of excitement for Japanese food, and before long Bone Daddies became ‘the’ place in London for Ramen.

Ross created a buzz around Japanese food in his new venture, by taking it out of its traditional dining environment. Bone Daddies is vibrant, fun and very informal. It’s a great place to chow down and chill out after a stressful day in the office.

Bone Daddies Kensington Curry Ramen

The new branch is located upstairs in Wholefoods, and will be open for lunch and dinner throughout the week. It’s a gorgeous little haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of High Street Kensington.

Upon arrival we were greeted with one S&M Cocktail, which was a mocktail of strawberry puree, mint, lemon juice and soda, and a ‘hard’ Whiskey Ninjin. Both of were absolutely delicious.

Once we were seated for dinner, we started off with a selection of some chicken and prawn and pork and truffle gyozas. Both had a unique flavour, but our favourites had to be the chicken and prawn.

Once we were done with our delicious Gyozas we tried out the curry Ramen, which is as spicy, rich and utterly delicious as you would expect. It’s a big hearty bowl of yumminess which tastes lip smackingly good from the first to the last mouthful.

Once we were done with the Ramen, we found room for some delicious, chewy mocha ice cream balls. They were perfect for refreshing the pallet and cooling down after a large bowl of delicious curry ramen.

All in all the newly opened Bone Daddies in Whole Foods is a great addition to Kensington High Street. There’s nothing chicer than a bowl of delicious noodle soup with a killer cocktail right now. As for Ross and the Bone Daddies family, they continue to grow at a rapid rate. They have set up a new venture, a pop up in Soho, called Shackfuyu, which has so far created quite an online buzz.

If you’re a fan of Japanese, then Bone Daddies is a must. The pungent ramen flavours combined with the cool and vibrant dining experience will leave you immensely satisfied.

Bone Daddies, High Street Kensington, 1st Floor, Whole Foods Market, 63-97 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SE. Tel: 020 7368 4575. Nearest Tube: Kensington High Street.

Alice Kelleher

Alice Kelleher

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