Getting Hot Between The Sheets With Miss Polly Rae

It’s all heating up in London this summer. And don’t just mean the Mediterranean-like temperatures we’ve been blessed with over the last couple of weeks.  Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and braise yourselves for the ride of your lives. It’s time to get hot and steamy ‘Between The Sheets’ with Miss Polly Rae!

I know summer is officially here when I start seeing posters for the ‘Underbelly’ festival in London’s Southbank. An array of shows and performances, outdoor drinking accompanied by music and food, with breath-taking views of the Thames and London’s finest skyline.

I found myself at such evening just last week, albeit windy, for the launch night of ‘Between The Sheets’ – a delightfully naughty and simultaneously hilarious burlesque cabaret show.

As my thrill-seeking companion (who by the way had no clue as to what we were about to watch) and I stood in the queue outside the appropriately named The Spiegeltent, the sun still up and nowhere to hide, I armed myself with a glass of wine hoping to loose a few inhibitions.

The atmosphere in The Spiegeltent was moody and the air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Miss Polly Rae presents her show Btween the sheets at London's Underbelly festival

Catch Miss Polly Rae at the Underbelly festival on the Southbank

Miss Polly Rae kicked off the show, as one would expect looking sultry and provocative. She sang and she danced, she told stories and shared her wildest dreams.

She was joined by her sexy troops including Kitty Bang Bang, Lilly Snatchdragon, Beau Rocks, Duo Visage, Tom Cunningham and Myles Brown. They took turns entertaining the audience with variety of dance, songs, renditions of love stories and heart-breaks through acrobatics and interpretive dance, with abundance of muscle on display and little left to one’s imagination.

This provocative show was conceived by director Laura Corcoran (Frisky and Mannish) and art director Klare ‘Yaya’ Wilkinson (The Hurly Burly Show, Boom & Bang) together with Miss Polly herself.

The whole performance was professional, entertaining, classy and sexy from the start (without feeling “sleazy” or “cheap”), finishing with Kitty Bang Bang performing a dance in a giant martini glass, fire-breathing, and whipping her hair back and front, leaving the few front rows needing a towel.

I loved it so much I want to see it again. Oh my.


  • Between The Sheets with Miss Polly Rae will run as part of the Underbelly Festival at regular intervals through the summer, for full details and bookings click here . Nearest tube: Waterloo.
Zuzana Pagacova

Zuzana Pagacova

A native Slovakian, Zuzana has lived in London most of her adult life and calls London her second home. She loves the vibrant, yet somewhat unpredictable beauty this great city has to offer and the fact that it keeps her on her toes. Even after all these years, she keeps discovering new places and secret passages – London never fails to amaze her.
Zuzana is passionate about writing and has a degree in Journalism and Media. She loves yoga and meditation, open spaces, autumn leaves and exploring the world. As she believes in a balanced life, Zuzana is not impartial to a daily dose of celebrity gossip, a cup of strong coffee and cake, and the occasional glass of red wine.

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