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Turn to the Bard for dating advice

romeo-and-julietHave you heard? It’s officially the year of online dating. With mobile apps such as Tinder and Hitch on the rise, it’s clear that today’s generation is looking for less conventional methods of meeting someone new. However, once you move past the decision of whether to swipe left or right, things can get slightly tricky. If you need online dating advice, look no further – Shakespeare has you covered.

Whilst most of us study Shakespeare’s plays simply to pass our English Literature class, they are full of nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to the modern world. In particular, Shakespeare offers some vital advice on dating – 21st century style. Sure, the majority of relationships featured in Shakespeare’s plays don’t end well, but aside from that, there are some key online dating tips that we can take from the Bard’s work.

1. Communication is key
So, you’ve been speaking online for a while and still your love interest is showing no signs of making the next move. Whilst you are desperate to meet in person, there is no way you’re putting yourself out there like that. The risk of rejection is just too high.

We all know that tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Ultimately, a lack of communication between the star-crossed lovers led to their ill-fated end. While a failure to communicate in the world of online dating is unlikely to result in such a dramatic outcome, it could still spoil a good thing. Find the confidence to ask your suitor for a first date, or risk them dropping off the bottom of your‘Snapchat best friends’ list.

2. Jealousy gets you nowhere
Social media sites incorporate many features that could trigger the green-eyed monster – the ‘like’ feature, an innocent ‘retweet’, the winking emoticon. All of these can become causes of extreme jealous rages. The biggest mistake that Othello makes is allowing jealousy to convince him of his significant other’s infidelity. We all know that things don’t end well for Desdemona and whilst I’m sure it won’t come to that in your online dating quest, it’s better to not take any chances.

Stafford Festival Shakespeare

Stafford Festival Shakespeare

3. Using good pictures of yourself can get you far
I admit, this one is a slightly pretentious tip, but effective nonetheless. In The Taming of the Shrew, Sly was fooled by a page boy masquerading as his wife, and that was in the flesh. Just imagine how many attractiveness points you can gain by ensuring your pictures capture your good side. After all, the objective is to convince the object of your affections to meet in person. However, bear in mind that if you ever want a sonnet written in your honour, your delightful persona should be the main cause of affection. Maybe one day you will be compared to a summer’s day, though hopefully not a British one.

And finally, if you’re still struggling to find love online, here’s some advice from the man himself: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Follow the Bard’s wise words and you’ll find your perfect match in no time.

If you do make it to that all-important first date, why not take that special someone to the Stafford Festival Shakespeare, held at Stafford Castle between June 25 and July 11.

Miss B

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