Junior Role, Senior You

Junior role, senior youYou’ve made it. The job is yours and the probationary period has started. These three months are where you can to prove yourself as an asset to the team. An asset so valuable that quite frankly, once the quarter is over, you’ll need chaining to the desk because you’re too precious to lose. Alternatively, you have to hand over that laptop and skulk back to your parents’ house. Glorious.

So, the forthcoming ninety days – how best to utilise them? Advice from preceding generations might tell you to do your homework, remove all words besides “yes” from your vocabulary and to be at the coffee machine every morning with your enthusiastic smile and notepad at the ready, but not here. Over the past twenty years you’ve started to learn who you are and that knowledge is your Golden Ticket. You can make your stamp, YOUR way.

Here’s a couple of tips that will earn you the respect of co-workers and bosses but saves on the moments which you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and thinking, “Why God, why?”

Don’t get lost in the wardrobe, you will not stumble across Aslan

You’re in an office. The boss wears a pencil skirt and your colleagues like a shift dress. It’s a shame you turn up in your 40s style day dress, isn’t it? No. Keep your style. If you don’t wear it already, chances are you don’t suit it. Avoid being the fashion faux pas of the decade and stick to what works for you. Evidence that this works? Three words for you. Ugly Betty finale.

You’re not cool, you’re you

You may realise that landing the dream job also means landing yourself in the world you’ve always dreamed. A world that’s welcomed you gracefully with its expensive open arms but drops you smack bang in the middle of the chaos that is this Wonderland. Don’t panic. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the top ten Lebanese restaurants in the city, or the underground bar that has the most mind – blowing cocktails. Give it time. There’s nothing more awkward than trying to keep up with the conversation and start discussing the construction wonders of Brick Lane whilst your colleagues nod slowly – a mix of pity and confusion on their faces. The perfect formula to combat this? Smile. Nod. Google.

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes…”

If you are wondering what the significance of Brick Lane is and why there’s excited talk of bagels flying around the office – just ask! Whatever you want to know, just see the role as a learning experience. Although this is a time for your employer to gauge if you’re on the same level as the rest of the time, it’s ultimately for you to figure out the lay of the land. Use the ninety days to learn and develop your skills and discover your new city’s secrets. If nothing else, you’ll make a great tour guide by the end.

So that’s it. Dress the part, act the part and speak the part but don’t lose your spark – it’s probably what got you the job in the first place. Now run along, go be the power woman of the century.

Sophia Mead

Sophia Mead

Sophia is a greedy graduate not content with building up her credentials in one half of her joint honours degree. By day, she is a junior PR Executive, racing around trying to conquer the world of public relations but by night frantically taps away at her keyboard, getting lost in the realms of celebrity culture and sharing the stories with her own “Sophia spin”. Sophia is unashamedly obsessed with meaningful quotes and whilst blissfully content with the simple things in life, she’s far too ambitious to ever let them be enough until she is carrying on her person that perfect Chanel bag.

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