How To Get The Best Picture Perfect Moments

A recent study found that three quarters of women avoided having their photo taken because they hate how they look in the resulting picture. It seems that almost half of us hate how we look in pictures with the majority sighting their smile as the main issue. Facebook hasn’t helped with this fear as a lot of us fear the catty remarks that people may make if the picture is posted on the site.

Thankfully renowned photographer Nick Daly who is currently shooting the Nivea Million Moments of Closeness campaign has come to our rescue with four top tips on how to look your best for those Kodak moments.

1. Be extroverted

You won’t look silly; people love pictures where people are having fun and are happy. Standing with a straight face just looks dull.

2. Always smile

Even if you think you’re smile isn’t perfect it suggests happiness and self-confidence and it is the first thing men are attracted to in a woman.

3. Strike A Pose

If you are conscious of bingo wings then stand with your hand on your hip, this will make your arm slimmer and give your body shape a flattering silhouette. For more inspiration look at the poses celebrities use as they are know what to do to look good in photos.

4. Pose in a group

If you hate having pictures on your own then grab someone and have a photo together . You will feel more confident and comfortable.

[picture credits: Nivea]


Miss B

Miss B

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