A Very Furry Christmas

I recently spent the weekend with Oscar, a delightfully grumpy, squishy, blue feline. He has the mind of Einstein, the body of Garfield and the temperament of his namesake Oscar the grouch. But I love him and was more than happy to while away the hours with him.

Oscar is so popular amongst London’s catty world that he has already had his first Christmas card, from Finchley, of North London.

This got me thinking.

Do we overlook our furry friends during the festive season? With the plethora of Christmas parties and weeks of preparation for the big day often London’s finest come second. Until now that is.

Our four-legged friends are part of the family and therefore I firmly believe should be considered on the present list. Unfortunately relying on Santa to provide the purrfect gift is not going to cut it so Oscar and I decided to help all you Belles with some cracking Christmas ideas.

Let’s make this Christmas a special time for all.

Looking your holiday best

We all like to look our best this time of year and as we’ve discussed previously there is nothing better than pampering you four-legged Belle as well. Oscar has found the ultimate in beautification and it hasn’t just gone to the dogs.

Wesley, my lovely border collie, used to like nothing more than a trip to the parlour (my words not his I suspect) and always came out with a spring in his step after a Christmas bath and blow dry.

Harrods has just launched their top notch pet spa in its iconic store for London’s dogs, cats, rabbits and tortoises. Giving your pet a blueberry and vanilla facial, minty fresh breath, a massage or an olive oil treatment and pedicure for Christmas has never been easier!

A Christmas feast

Even though Oscar wouldn’t necessarily venture out of the East End, he has a strict one mile rule, he did mention a night out on the town is something one of the lesser species, such as dogs (his words not mine), may like.

One of the pleasures of living in a dog friendly city is being able to spend time with your pooch in places other than the park. And let’s be honest a cold, damp, dark walk this time of years isn’t that fun but a walk to take your friend to a doggy diner, well that’s novel.

We’ve talked about the importance of diet and the fun of special treats so why not treat your canine companion to a Christmas night out at Lily’s Kitchen. For a short time only dogs can pop along and enjoy not only a good meal but a belly rub and after dinner snooze all under the same roof!

Santa’s little helpers

I have been the event organiser of many a puppy Christmas party in the past for the vets I worked at. I will long remember the sight of my dog, Bailey, happily bouncing away on the bouncy castle hired to keep the kids busy while their pooches were spoilt.

This time of year many vets across London take time out to spoil their special clients of the four-legged variety.

I was recently invited to attend one such party. It was a cold, cold night but once I saw the warm glow of my local vet clinic with the mulled wine for us humans and the tasty treats for the furry guests I was in like a shot.

Milling around was Lulu a gorgeous, lovable giant of a dog with flowers around her neck and a smile on her face as she lovingly looked at all the Christmas gifts on show that may end up in her stocking on the 25th. Further in I noticed sister Jack Russell terriers sitting contently admiring the Christmas lights and vacuuming up the many snacks they were showered with.

Who knew a trip to the vet could be so much fun!

Christmas is a glorious time of year and a time for reflection on all the unique and happy moments spent with your special friend. Having a pet to share your life with is such a privilege and this is the time to show how much you appreciate them.

Oscar and I wish all of London’s very special furry, feathery and scaly residents a Merry Christmas and we hope Rudolf passes on your Christmas wishes to Santa!

by Kitty Nine
Miss B

Miss B

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