SW Postcode Top Hot Spot For Yuppies

Houses SW LondonHome isn’t always where the heart  is for yuppies unless it has a SW postcode. Aspiring urbanites are most attracted to the allure of SW19 in Wimbledon when it comes to putting down roots, according to new research by Lloyds Bank.

But living in the UK’s hotspot comes with a hearty price tag as homes within the area have an average price of £534,999. Marc Page, mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, said: “In the majority of cases, young buyers have to pay a significant premium for a property to live in these areas compared with living in other parts of the city.”

Fulham in London is the second most popular location with career minded 25 to 44-year-olds where properties cost an average of £936,437. The third most popular is Wandsworth where homes sold to young professionals cost around £585,008, followed by Battersea where a property sets yuppies back around £732,224.

As a result, young professionals pay an average premium of £47,000 more  to live in one of SW’s postal areas, compared with London as whole. Streatham in south London is also popular thanks to its good transport links and close proximity  to The City where homes are not as pricey at £334,500.

The research analysed the home buying habits of young professionals who tend to be graduates or have professional qualifications and are in well paid occupations and like to take full advantage of living in or close to a city, either for work or leisure purposes. Interestingly, 18 of the top 20 most desired areas are also in the capital and include Hampstead, Paddington and Kilburn.

Hove and central Brighton on the Sussex coast are the only areas in the 20 most favoured places by yuppies outside London. Away from southern England, young professionals are drawn to South Manchester.

Top places to live for yuppies with the average cost:

1.Wimbledon £534,999
2. Fulham £936,437
3. Wandsworth £585,008
4.  Battersea £732,224
5. Hove £287,968
6. Streatham £334,500
7. Hampstead £1,163,585
8. Tooting £512,067
9. Brighton £299,515
10. Paddington £1,083,684
11. Kilburn £747,062
12. Putney £ 624,676
13. Balham £615,213
14. Brixton £415,178
15. West Kensington £810,504
16. Chiswick £784,723
17. Ealing £525,834
18. Clapham £674,422
19. Islington £831,761
20. Hornsey £538,655

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

Aamina has been a roving reporter for more than 10 years – penning stories for local and national newspapers. After living a fast paced life for a decade, she has now settled for a life in the suburbs with her husband and baby boy. She loves writing about beauty, babies and hard earned bucks. Aamina also enjoys writing articles that do not begin with the letter ‘B’ such as travel and food.


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