Single Review: Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Born To DieShe’s a pillow-lipped songstress, style bible cover star, and singer of Video Games – a torch song so spine-prickling and doleful it wouldn’t have sounded out of place in an episode of Twin Peaks. But can Lana Del Rey follow-up that success?

Certain critics might have predicted/hoped the pretty New Yorker would be a one-hit wonder but she’s hit back with an equally atmospheric David Lynch-esque follow-up. The tempo’s been inched up a notch, hinting at even funkier material to come, but the overall feeling stays true to the swirling, cinematic template she laid down so stylishly with her debut — and there’s a gorgeous moody chorus too. We await the album — also called Born To Die— on January 30 with bated breath.

The single is available from 23rd January 2012 at Amazon for 89p and the album is available from 30th January 2012 at Amazon for £8.99.

By Sarah-Louise James

Sarah-Louise James

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