First Cut: Your Child’s First Professional Haircut

First HaircutA trip to the hairdresser has never been straight forward in our family. I have been known to send my husband to a different hair salon each month over the past six years. His Middle Eastern background granted him a beautiful Afro which has always required, in my opinion, special attention. My eldest son, five, inherited the tight curls or the “scruffy hair”, as he calls it. My younger son’s straight hair seems to fall directly in his eyes.  My own hair’s not much better with its radical transformation into hay and straw after my second pregnancy. Thankfully for our  family we have now discovered Michael Van Clarke (The irony is that Michael himself was my husband’s discovery. But don’t ask), a true gem on the quiet corner of Beaumont Street just in the heart of lovely Marylebone.

Upon arrival, both adults and children are greeted by a member of their gentle yet professional staff. The operation runs seamlessly. Coats checked, bags hung, robe on, comfortable seat and fabulous wash/ head massage. Adults receive an excellent menu from the kitchen, in fact their meals are so good I now purposefully go at lunchtime for the super foods salad and fresh juice. But children are not forgotten about and they are provided with an individual DVD player and a menu of films.

On his first trip to the salon my son is greeted by stylist Claire. As he heads off for his first hairdressing appointment, I decide to indulge in a spontaneous Academy award blow-dry with Elena, which given the result, is a bargain at £27.  My son comes back with a big smile; the “scruffy” hair is gone and happy that he’s watched almost the whole of Madagascar on a school day while I too look and feel great.

I book in both my sons for next month, but I will be back before that for my special dry cut with Michael. As will be my husband. It’s a family affair. Before we leave, I stock up on every product in Michael’s 3 More Inches range. It is pure magic in a stylish bottle. Trust me.

Michael Van Clarke, Beaumont Street, London, W1G 6DF, Telephone: +44 (0)207224 3123

by Gia de Picciotto
 [picture credit:cole007]
Gia de Picciotto

Gia de Picciotto

Gia de Picciotto is a blogger, mother, and lifetime journal keeper/storyteller. Gia has been documenting the trials and tribulations of mothers entering the new world of parenting for the past five years. Formerly the Director of Communications for Warner Music, and Double Click Inc (Google) and associate producer at ABC News, Gia has spent her career writing and telling stories to the media. Married to an Italian, with whom she has two cheeky sons. Gia has been living in London for 11 years and can’t be without green juice and a martini. In her next life she will be a rock star.

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