Making The Most of a Small Outdoor Space

Graden lights are a great way to use garden design to brighten up a small area

Just because you have a small back yard or tiny garden, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some real enjoyment, and add some style to your outdoor space with some clever garden design. Whatever the size, if you use a bit of creativity you will create a little haven and a place you can truly look forward to spending time in. Even by adding little touches here and there, your outdoor space will automatically, and quickly, turn around. Here are a few tips that will put you on the right road to improve your outdoor space!


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In order for your outdoor space to be inviting to you and your guests, think about the colours you’d like to be surrounded by. If you’re going for a cool and calming environment, go for the blues and other sea inspired shades. If you’re looking for fun and cheerful surroundings, go for the yellows and brighter shades of colours or even patterns. If you’re still unsure, look for the basic grey or white shades, where it will be easier to build on when you’ve figured out the space you want to have. Dark colours in a small space can work, but take careful planning, so if you’re not confident try to avoid them on walls as you may end up making your space look even smaller. Garden design is all about working put what is best for your space.



This tip is especially important for those of you with small outdoor areas. In order to maximise your space, using smart storage will make your outdoors much better, and cosier. If you are not sure of where to start, you can use hidden storage, or splash out on a super chic outdoor cupboard like those offered by companies like Unopiu. Get creative, and think of how cute it will look when you take out cups from a hidden corner and surprising your guests!

Vertical garden in garden design by Belle About TownSmart gardening

Again, very useful if you have a small outdoor space that you’re looking to revamp, thinking outside the box in how you choose to garden will work wonders on your outdoors. You can go vertical, on the wall, make it tiny, or even on display, the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind though that your vegetable options are limited- due to the fact that you would need more space for the plants to grow- but still manageable. Did you ever think of growing tomatoes upside down? Fill large bottles with dirt, hang them up high, and watch your tomato plant descend!


A very creative, and fun way of adding that extra touch to your outdoor space, picking a unique flooring will definitely make you (and everybody that you invite over) love your outdoor space. This tip can go any, and every way. From geometric patterns, classic wooden flooring, and even a faux grass rug. Indeed rugs of any kind can be really nice, if you do not want to completely change the flooring and are happy with how it is, throwing a patterned and colourful rug over the floor will also do the trick.


Garden lights are a great way to brighten up a small space, Belle About Town's guide to garden design

Garden lights are a great way to brighten up a small space


Pretty, efficient, and fun, adding lighting to your outdoor space is a safe and easy way to improve your outdoor space. Fairy lights are very popular right now, so look for ones that you can string from one end of your space to the other. If fairy lights aren’t really your thing, look for a tall lamp that will make a statement when you turn it on.

Just a couple of simple changes will make a huge difference to a small space- picture yourself on a comfortable seat, in your newly spruced up space with a cold wine or a hot chocolate and you’ll start to relax immediately. Look around, and you’ll be surprised by the many additions you will find for your outdoor space that you hadn’t noticed before.

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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