How To Make Money From Your Hobbies

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When we hear the word hobby, we usually think of something that we do in our spare time that’s just a bit of fun. But what if we told you that your hobby could actually become a service that could help other people and bring in some extra income for yourself and your family. We recently caught up with Ryan James Lock to discuss how you can make money by doing something you love! Here’s what he had to say:

Teach other people

The things that are normal and obvious to you can be life chanting for other people. Take something that you know how to do, either a personal or business.


There are a lot of misconceptions about what coaching actually is, especially in England. Real, authentic coaching is about helping someone to bring out the best in themselves and provide them with support, advice and guidance on a subject they want to move forward in. I coach people on growing their audience and getting in the media because that’s what my background is, what could you coach on?

Ryan James LockStart groups

Teaching groups is a great way to leverage your time and income. For the same amount of time that it takes to teach one person something, you can teach a whole class full. The beauty of the internet means that you don’t even have to hold events or classes in person, you can do them all in the form of webinars, audio classes and videos. I teach people who to create things like this in my own classes and consulting.

Get in the media

Whatever service you are offering, the most effective way of getting your message out there is to appear in the media. Whilst marketing is effective, getting featured in the media has a totally different effect because it positions you as an expert in front of potential clients and customers and helps you to develop a relationship with them, making them a lot more likely to want to work with you.

Sell digital products

Once you have done a few classes or presentations, make sure you start to record them. As soon as you’ve recorded something you can start to sell it as a digital product. For example, if you offer time management tips for busy working Mum’s in a class or workshop you could sell the recording as a sort of at home training program. Simple, effective and a great way to boost your income.

Ryan James lock is a business and PR specialist based in London. He works with global brands and private clients through his one to one consulting and group training programs. To find out more go to

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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