Hot Summer Trend: Floral Bikes From Amsterdam

Floral vandals take to the streets of Amsterdam to mark the opening of botanically inspired Kimpton De Witt hotel on June 7, 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kimpton De Witt is the first Kimpton hotel to open in Europe.

Floral vandals take to the streets of Amsterdam to mark the opening of botanically inspired Kimpton De Witt hotel (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Looking for a new way to wear this summer’s floral trend?  Hot from the streets of Amsterdam, the floral bike might be just what you are looking for. First seen in the city famous for its flowers and bikes, what better way to give your look petal power than a well place floral flourish or two. Frank Faber, head florist of Amsterdam’s newest luxury hotel, the Kimpton De Witt, has given Belle About Town his top tips on creating eye-catching floral bikes so that cycle-loving Londoners can recreate the look over here and brighten up the streets of our fair city.

Frank says: “Seasonality with florals is key, this will ensure you get the best pick of the bunch when choosing your arrangements and they are more likely to survive the weather conditions at the time. Be bold with colours, use plenty of greenery to give a natural look, and no more than 4 to 5 blooms.  You could even match your bike to your outfit of choice that day!

Other advice Frank offers on achieving the perfect look for floral bikes includes:

         Try and attach most of the flowers to a wet floral foam – this will help to keep the flowers alive for longer

–         Be creative with surfaces.  As well as the basket, use the vertical down tube beneath the handle bars, the top tube and parts of the seat

–         Safety first!  Have fun with the surfaces you cover, but ensure nothing obstructs the wheels and brakes so it is not only fabulous but still safe

–         Ribbon, natural twin and even zip ties can be used to attach the flowers to your bike, be inventive with attachments to give it the wow factor

–         Some of the best and most stunning flowers to us are peonies, roses, gloriosa, sandersonia and allium schubbertii

 For more inspiration, Frank has created a video that you can watch here.

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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