Great Renovations: How To Add Value To Your Home

Add value to your home by Belle About Town

Adding value to your home is one of the biggest goals for most homeowners. Because of the natural fluctuations of the economy and housing market, adding new features and amenities to a home can help insulate its value against negative economic conditions. At the same time, renovations can improve the functionality and feel of your home too.

But not all home renovations are equally useful in terms of functionality and value, so it’s important to know which renovations add the most value in every way before spending large sums of money. Belle About Town rounds up some of the best home renovation tips for maximising the potential of your property:

Standalone Garages

A variety of homes feature plenty of amenities, but extra parking space – especially covered space – can sometimes be hard to find. Any home can be improved by the addition of a standalone garage, metal garages being a good choice. This particular addition not only adds value to the home but will protect any automobiles from wear and tear associated with the weather.

Different options exist, you can achieve your goal and not have to spend a lot. It all depends on the manufacturer. An example of a manufacturer that tries to focus on keeping costs low is Armstrong Steel. Their products can also be considered for more traditional construction models that can even be designed with a second storey as an office, guest bedroom or den for the kids.

New Decks

One of the first aspects of a home that begins showing its age are the balconies, decks and exterior stairs. Any home with wooden decks or stairs usually begins to show substantial age in this regard by the 15-year mark, but the home’s fate doesn’t have to be sealed.

With a new deck, porch or balcony, you can improve the aesthetic quality of any home, enhance its appeal and ensure that everything is sturdy and safe. If your home currently lacks this feature, then the addition of a new deck will produce at minimum a 1:1 return in terms of total cost versus added asking price in the event you sell.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

Rated as one of the best home improvement values in terms of return on investment, a new vinyl siding overhaul for the home helps in a number of ways.

First, it can take an older home’s look and help modernize it for today’s neighbourhoods and markets. Secondly, it provides a new round of protection for the home’s structural elements – which might be in jeopardy if the current siding is beginning to falter. Finally, it will make those in the market for a new home take a second look at your home when and if you place it on the market.

Kitchen Renovations

Arguably one of the more expensive renovations any homeowner can make, an update to an older kitchen can truly enhance both a home’s value and appeal. From old cabinets that are falling apart to broken appliances integrated into the design, these antiquated sections truly make a kitchen less useful – and a home less valuable.

Most kitchen renovations fall into the £10,000 – £20,000 price range, so be prepared to spend a hefty sum if you decide on this route. However, it is a very valuable renovation and one that homeowners and real estate agents alike stand by as being valuable.

If you’re looking for some major home renovations to pursue this year, then look no further than these four renovations. Whether you want to renovate the interior or exterior of the home, add a new element or refurbish an old one, there are plenty of useful and valuable renovations such as the addition of metal garages any homeowner can pursue to bring their current home up to par.

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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