Grease Is the Ultimate Feel Good Film

Grease The MovieIt seems Grease is most definitely the word when it comes to movies after the musical was voted the number one feel good film.

The Hollywood blockbuster, staring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, secured the top spot in a poll from insurance firm AXA around it’s tagline of ‘the little things that mean a lot’.

It’s no surprise  the movie, which follows the tale of high school sweethearts, is so popular as it is still the highest-grossing musical to date in the United States.

The survey quizzed 2,000 film buffs who also revealed Dirty Dancing as the second most popular comfort film. Pretty Woman took third place as the movie we pop into our DVD player to make us feel better.

Alex Moss, editor of movie review website Film Juice, said: “The top ten feel-good films all share one key component – overcoming the odds and delivering the fairy tale ending. Whether it’s a class divide broken, misfits finding their place in the world or simply the guy getting the girl of his dreams, these films all tap into a sense of wish fulfilment.”

Classic chick flicks dominated the top ten with Mamma Mia getting the fourth popular slot, Love Actually was in eighth position and every single girls movie bible Bridget Jones’s Diary was number nine.

It’s clear many parents were also influenced by their kid’s viewing habits  as Shrek was number five, Toy Story was the seventh most popular and Despicable Me was number 10.

Surprising omissions from the top 10 included The Sound of Music which came in at  number 12. It’s a Wonderful Life only reached fifteenth place, while Singin’ in the Rain just made it in to the Top 20.

Top 10 mood improving films:
1. Grease
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Pretty Woman
4. Mamma Mia
5. Shrek
6. The Full Monty
7. Toy Story
8. Love Actually
9. Bridget Jones’s Diary
10. Despicable Me

Home Cinema

Backyard CinemaIf you are planning the ultimate movie night in the here are top tips to ensure everyone has a great time:

Create a home cinema – You don’t need a lot of space to transform your living room. Simply arrange your sofa and chairs to face the TV, and dot some comfy cushions on the floor. Borrow extra side tables which you can put within reach of each seat so your guests have somewhere to place their food and drinks.

Have a schedule. To achieve a real cinema effect plan a start time and also slot an intermission during the middle of the movie. This will mean your pals can pop to the loo and stock up on snacks without missing a second of the film.

Setup a food table – It is best to place all the food and drinks on a table so guests can help themselves. But put this in another room so that the lights can be switched on without hampering anyone’s enjoyment of the movie.

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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