Gaucho Celebrates 11 Years Of Ceviche

Gaucho CevicheGaucho is celebrating 11 years of serving ceviche with 11 ceviches on 11 July at Gaucho on Piccadilly.

The event will be hosted by Executive Chef Fernando Trocca who will treat guests to an interactive ceviche master class – it promises to be an evening dedicated to sensational ceviche and food innovation.

The evening, set to be an unmissable culinary event, will feature classic ceviche dishes as well as new recipes created by Executive Head Chef Fernando Trocca.

Fernando Trocca, Executive Chef at Gaucho comments: “We are proud to be celebrating 11 years of ceviche at Gaucho, where our ceviche dishes have become amongst our best-loved.  Diners are in for yet another unforgettable gastronomic gathering!”

The event starts 6pm 11th July 2013 at Gaucho Piccadilly. Tickets are £80 per person and are limited. To reserve tickets please contact:

If you cannot make it this evening, here is their recipe for the divine Sea Bass Ceviche with Passion Fruit Sauce.


The Passion Fruit Sauce

5g Ginger
30ml Lemon Vinaigrette
2 Whole Limes
10gPassion Fruit Puree
80ml Olive Oil

The Plantain Crisps

8g Plantain
Olive Oil for frying

The Sea Bass Ceviche

160g Sea Bass Fillet
20g Red Onion
5g Coriander
10g Red Jalapeno
30g Mango
Sea Salt
2g Micro coriander to garnish


The passion fruit sauce

1.       Juice the limes (discard pips)

2.       Peel the ginger and cut into a fine brunoise

3.       Mix together the lime juice, ginger, olive oil and passion fruit puree. Season to taste.

The Plantain crisps

4.       Peel the plantain and cut in half width ways, then cut lengthways to create thin, even strips.

5.       Deep fry in olive oil until light golden brown

6.       Remove from the oil, pat dry with kitchen paper and leave to rest in an even layer

To prepare the Sea Bass ceviche

7.       Slice the sea bass into slivers roughly a quarter of an inch wide and peel and slice the red onion width ways

8.       Pick the leaves from the coriander, discarding stalks

9.       Peel the mango; cut strips of flesh the same size as the fish

10.    De-seed the red jalapeno and cut into julienne

11.    Place the sea bass and passion fruit sauce in a mixing bowl, saving a little of the sauce for later

12.    Add the mango, red onion, jalapeno and coriander. Mix together and season to taste

To finish and serve

13.    Place the mix neatly on the plate, arranged so that slices of mango are alternated with slices of fish in a straight line

14.    Garnish with the onion, chilli and micro coriander

15.    Drizzle the remainder of your passion fruit sauce around the outside; arrange the small pieces of plantain around the edge

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