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Long school holidays are a wonderful time for fun and relaxation. But they can make it difficult for children to readjust to learning. Research has shown that having books at home significantly boosts children’s educational attainment. If you want to help enhance your child’s learning at home, then check out our top five picks of children’s books to get them back in the mood. These book titles cover key curriculum topics and are perfect for catching up after the school holidays or for getting ahead on a new subject.

ENGLISH:  Handwriting Bumper Book by Collins Easy Learning, £5.99. This engaging handwriting activity book really helps boost your child’s writing skills for key stage 1. It includes helpful questions and answers, and combines useful English practice with colourful illustrations. Each fun activity is designed to give your child a real sense of achievement, a great element when it comes to children’s books. Buy it from Wordery

MATHS: Big Maths Activity Book, £12.99, by Rosie Dickins and Rosie Hore. If you think children’s books about numbers are  boring, then think again. This one helps kids master maths skills in a fun way. This bumper activity book is filled with challenging puzzles and activities. The book covers adding and subtracting, times tables, fractions, decimals and percentages. There are also lots of activities, which include number patterns, quick quizzes, ordering and matching. Best of all, the answers are at the back of the book so you will also be able to check how well your little one is doing. Buy it from LoveReading4Kids

SCIENCE: See Inside Energy by Alice James, £9.99. This is a great book to get to teach youngsters about what energy is, and how it affects our planet. It also provides an insight into the exciting new inventions scientists are creating to make energy in the future. This book provides a good introduction to an important topic and boasts over 65 flaps to lift and links to specially selected websites to find out more. Buy it from Amazon

COMPUTERS: Coding Computer Games for Kids by Carol Vorderman, £12.99. Your kids will be building computer games and learning code in no-time with this book. This helps children enter the world of programming thanks to its step-by-step explanations that show kids how to build all types of games, from puzzles and racers to 3D action games. It is the perfect way to introduce a reluctant child to coding. The book’s simple instructions and graphics breakdown coding so kids can build, play and share their favourite games with friends. Buy it from Book People

HISTORY: Stone Age by DKfindout!, £5.99. This book takes kids back in time to discover what life was like in the Stone Ages. That’s handy as Stone Ages was added to the national curriculum in 2014 and this book provides a fascinating insight with its beautiful photography, lively illustrations, and key curriculum information. This book is packed with up-to-date information, fun quizzes and incredible images of every aspect of Stone Age life. In fact, readers can discover what Stone Age people wore, sample some of their favourite foods and spot Stone Age animals. Buy it from Hive

PREPARATION: For those starting school for the first time, it’s good to get a bit of preparation in, and the famous Miffy books have the situation covered with Miffy at School, £5. Miffy at School offers preschoolers a gentle insight into what to expect on their first day, and helps prepare them for the routines and requirements of the classroom. Everyone’s favourite rabbit might be nervous at first, but as she is reassured, so will those heading into reception be. And anything we can do to ease that path even slightly is well worth the time. Buy it from the Miffy shop

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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