If you’ve been anywhere near a radio this summer, you’ll have heard Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks (hear it below). It’s that sweet, summery dance song that sounds a little like MGMT before they became all alternative and unlistenable.

The group are a three-piece from LA and their sound is pretty much the sonic equivalent of a cocktail in the sun. Full of dreamy electro love songs, tracks such as Helena Beat, Waste, and the utterly romantic I Would Do Anything For You, will transport you to a glistening white beach in California. Or at least a sunny park in the UK.

Saying an album is the perfect picnic soundtrack is a bit of a cliche these days, but in FTP’s case it’s spot on. Even if the unpredictable British summer has left your favourite Cath Kidston blanket feeling soggy, this album will leave you feeling smiley.

Torches by Foster The People available now for £5.99 at Amazon.

By Sarah-Louise James.

Sarah-Louise James

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