Album Review: Echoes by Will Young

Will Young: who doesn’t have a soft spot for this nicely spoken, awfully handsome pop chap? From the moment he told Simon Cowell where to ever-so-politely stick it on live telly almost ten years ago, this reviewer was hooked.

And the love affair hasn’t waned: whether it’s listening to his swooning classy pop songs, watching his turns on the silver and small screen, or ogling (apologies) his eye-popping brush with a spandex bodysuit in the video for his new single, Jealousy.

This is the original Pop Idol’s fifth – count ‘em – studio album and quite possibly his best yet. Full of grown-up, electro-peppered dance songs – which fit Will’s smooth, soulful voice as snugly as the aforementioned Lycra leotard hugs those contours of his –  there are echoes of Pet Shop Boys at their dreamiest and Jimmy Somerville at his most affecting.

While tracks such as Come On, Good Things and Hearts On Fire will have you hitting the dance floor, gorgeous ballad Outsider will remind you why we all fell in love with Will and his pipes in the first place.


Echoes by Will Young is available through Amazon for £6.49 and all good outlets.

By Sarah-Louise James 

Sarah-Louise James

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