5 Ways To Celebrate Rum Day 2017

It always seems to be National Something Day, and to be frank we find it hard to keep track. But upon hearing today is National Rum Day 2017 (August 16th) we decided to stop being party poopers and get in the spirit of things.

Rum has been growing in popularity in Britain over the past decade, with more and more people turning to the sugarcane-based spirit as an ingredient in exotic cocktails or as a drink to be sipped on its own, and enjoyed in the evening before bed like a fine whisky.

“No longer just a Caribbean spirit, 2017 has seen a huge surge in limited edition rums akin to the world of whisky, coming from as far as Venezuela, Japan and Fiji, derived from traditional molasses to agricultural Rhums from fresh sugarcane juice” Global Rum Ambassador and UK RumFest founder Ian Burrell tells Belle About Town. So in celebration of all things rum, we have whipped up a cocktail of ways to celebrate one of the world’s oldest spirits this National Rum Day.

  1. Sip it straight up

Rum isn’t just an ingredient, it’s a pleasure in itself and should be enjoyed as such. If you’re new to the world of rum, try the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva,  an elegant and complex 12-year-old sipping rum, distilled from the purest sugar cane honeys in an ancient copper pot still and aged in ex-Bourbon and Malt Whisky white oak casks. With more than 20 awards to its name, Reserva Exclusiva brings a ray of warming Venezuelan sunshine with its heady aromas and notes of vanilla, spice and orange zest making it unbeatable in cocktails, old and new.

Farringdon's Barsmith is hosting a Tiki popup this summer with Tiki rum-based cocktails and a south pacific inspired menu

You can’t go wrong with a Pina Colada at Farringdon’s Barsmith

2. Get your Tiki on

Tiki bars are all the rage in London this summer, and none offers more delicious cocktails than the Tiki Pop-Up at Farringdon’s famous Barsmith. With a choice of eight exotic rum-based cocktails on their specially created Tiki cocktail menu, you’re spoilt for choice. Try the on-fire Zombie, the refreshing Navy Grog, or a classic Pina Colada, and make the most of the 2-4-1 happy hour from 7-11pm Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday.

3. Read a book

Not just any book, of course, discover why rum is becoming the hottest spirit in the world right now with the latest and greatest offering from bestselling author and master mixologist Tristan Stephenson. The Curious Bartender’s Rum Revolution is the fifth book by bestselling author Tristan Stephenson. Explore rum’s remarkable history from its humble origins to its status as life-blood of the Royal Navy and its love affair with Cuba. Discover its darker past, with tales of devils, pirates and its reputation as the revolutionary spirit. This fabled drink is in the midst of another revolution, transforming from uninspiring grog to premium product, with aged and spiced varieties leading the charge. So pour yourself a Pussers (that’s another one we like), sit back, and learn about where it came from…

4. Book tickets to UK RumFest 2017

Now an institution, UK RumFest is the world’s premiere rum festival, hosted ILEC Centre in Fulham on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of October. With each ticket purchased guests can choose to taste from 400 of the world’s most premium and sought after rums from the likes of Puerto Rico,Jamaica,Mauritius,the Philippines to a small Japanese island called Minamidaito. Visitors can enjoy a series of intimate seminars from expert master distillers, a pineapple rum cocktail from a giant Tiki head bar, a ‘Golden Tot’ connoisseurs’ selection of rare and vintage rums in a vibrant carnival atmosphere, it’s an incredible day out for those looking for a slice of escapism in town this October, no passport needed. Book tickets here.

5. Take a Masterclass

Taste your way through the belligerent histories and painstaking craftsmanship behind this revered drink at Merchant House of Bow Lane at one of their extraordinarily comprehensive Masterclasses. Explore the tumultuous history of Colonial Europeans as they lay claim to the Americas and the Caribbean. Taste your way through the different styles of Rum created by expanding Empires and their belligerent history on land and sea. For £50 per person you get a rum cocktail upon arrival, are offered five quality rums for tasting, as well as one sample from their private collection. For more info click here.
Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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