Worst Beauty Trends of 2011

Worst Beauty Trends 2011, Annalynne McCord, bad fake tan, crackle nails, Kitty BrucknellIn general, I think we all look a great deal better than we did in our 20s. Recently, when moving house, I found some shocking pictures of myself after university. Big frizzy hair, even bigger eyebrows and a terrible habit of wearing overly-baggy clothes. Make-up wasn’t ever high on my list of priorities either, except for the non negotiable black eyeliner (top and bottom).

In contrast, during the last year, we have seen a huge injection of colour on our beauty radar: nails, eyes, hair, lips. Some will stick and others will be added to our list of Worst Beauty Trends.

This year’s beauty faux pas include:

1. Tangoed tanning
fake baking still isn’t there. It is glaringly obvious which of us are furiously trying to appear tanned with the help of a bottle. Spray tanning results have shown us this year that formulas are moving forward and that Mauritius could be coming to a street near us, but meanwhile avoid orange elbows and uneven flaking.

2. Overly-designed nails
the crackle nail look and the magnetic, overly glittery polish must go. I’m all for experimenting with poster paints or Farrow and Ball’s new mixes, but not on the nail front. Stick to the solid colours.

3. Return of the alice band
Step back from the looking glass. Alice was seven and a half and could carry off the look. My only caveat here is that if the hair band is the same colour as the hair and very slight, it can look rather chic.

4. Plastic fantastic
Beware of the knife. It has a habit of leaving your face expressionless with Donald Duck lips and bulbous boobs. Not a good look.

5. DIY eye lash extensions
Shu Uemura leads the way in eye lash etiquette. If you are keen to add a flutter, go with them. Otherwise, avoid the cheap false lashes accessorised with sparkles. They are a big indicator of all that was wrong and fake about 2011.

By Emma Parlons
Miss B

Miss B

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