Winter Hair Colour Trends

Winter Hair 2013 HeadmastersAfter a glorious British summer, your locks may be suffering. It’s time to say goodbye to frazzled locks and faded highlights and get winter glam ready. Siobhan Jones, Colour Director, Headmasters tells us just what the fashion forward and celebrities will be going for this winter.

“This season it’s all about high-shine, glossy colour,” Siobhan tells us. “Traditional highlighting techniques have taken a backseat, with rich ribbons of colour being used to achieve a tailored, multi-tonal effect without being able to pinpoint where one shade begins and another one ends.”


“Balayage is definitely still hot this season as it gives an ultra-natural effect whilst keeping the hair in top condition. Rather than just painting one colour throughout, we are seeing balayage being used in conjunction with high shine, rich tints. A sought-after tone this season is mahogany – it universally popular as it works so well on so many people as it has both cool and warm tones; balayage works really well if you are aiming for a gorgeous brunette with a hint of red.”


“Traditional ombre has definitely had its day, but the idea behind it is still going strong and finding its way onto the catwalk this season. Ombre typically means a colour that goes from dark to light or vice versa; this season it is being applied in a totally different way – to create a soft, subtle effect, painting ribbons of colour where the sun and free-radicals would naturally lighten the hair. This technique can be complimented with feature enhancing techniques such as the Headmasters Light Effects with MicroWand and Super Fine Baby Lights services, which add just a hint of colour around the hairline for a radiant effect.

“Both of these techniques were prominent on the catwalk for AW13, and the following colour trends are also hugely popular for winter:”

1. The Power Blondes: “clean and glowing, Blondes look expensive and aspirational.”

2. Vintage Coppers: “high shine and sexy, Reds are super-natural with hints of tangerine, bronze or mahogany.”

3. Pastelised Gold: “Gorgeous, golden blonde hues ooze luxury and are made so much softer and more wearable with warm pastel tones.”

4. Burnished brunette: “A multitude of rich tones to create bespoke and high-shine brown, suiting every skin tone These colours are really wearable as they all work with slightly darker roots, so are not too high-maintenance. A slightly darker tone at the root and around the hairline also creates a shadowing effect, which can make the hair appear thicker and can flatter your skin tone.”

Miss B

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