Top 10 Things Women Want To Do With A Free Day

cbu_spa_facial01_lrgA woman’s work is never done may sound like a tired old cliché but it may be more true than ever. So much for equal opportunities…

It appears that during the average working week women clock in at least 20 per cent more hours than men. A major study claims that because of housework and childcare, career women are working much longer hours than men. The study, by researchers at Cambridge University in England, found that women who work outside the home still do the bulk of the domestic chores, including picking the kids up from school, helping with homework, cleaning and cooking. So even though men tend to spend more hours at the office, often because they are in management positions and earn higher salaries, it is the women who are actually on the-go for longer. It’s certainly not 50-50 in terms of work on the job and at home then.

A recent survey undertaken by luxury tanning brand Vita Liberata attracted thousands of entries. Their question? Purely and simply, what would a woman do if they had 24 hours entirely to themselves, with no responsibilities, no financial issues, no worries at all.

Top 10 responses:
1. 78% were so knackered all they wanted was a day to rest
2. Shopping! No surprises there ..
3. 8% wanted to go for cocktails
4. The top 3 destinations to spend a day ‘out’ are New York, London or Paris
5. Go to Nashville and visit the home of Elvis Presley
6. Watch Barcelona football team – at their home ground
7. 98% chose not to include their husband in their day off
8. Do makeup on a Hollywood film set
9. 5% wanted an active day – bungee jumping, skiing, white water rafting, being the most popular
10. Drive the 5 fastest cars in the world

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