The Ultimate Bucket List

It seems that our bucket lists of things to do before we die have become more  introspective and closer to home than they used to be.  Whilst it may come as no surprise that travel tops the list,  gone are the goals of ‘have my fifteen minutes of fame’, and ‘run a marathon’ which seem to be more easily achievable these days with many of the other top ambitions focusing on personal development. There are also some achievements that were taken for granted in the past such as having a family or building a home that now appear on the list for Brits.

‘Seeing the seven wonders of the world’ tops the ultimate UK bucket list.. .but is followed by adventures a little closer to home. Smartbox, Europe’s leading gift experience company, conducted research into the things Brits most want to achieve before they die.

It found that 37% of those surveyed said they’d like to learn a new language; 31% put writing a book on  their bucket list and 30% said they’d like to start up their own business.

‘According to our research, 56% of Brits feel that they have lost their sense of adventure as they’ve grown older,’ says Emma Kopinska, spokesperson for Smartbox UK. ‘The results of our research highlight that, whilst travel remains our number one
ambition, there are plenty of life-enriching experiences to be enjoyed at home.’

The Top Ten

1. See the seven wonders of the world

2. Dine at a Michelin Starred restaurant

3. Learn a new language

4. Swim with dolphins

5. Write a book

6. Start up your dream business

7. Build your own house

8. Invent something cool

9. Learn to play an instrument

10. Have a family


What is on your bucket list?


Miss B

Miss B

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