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Erb at HarrodsInspired by Siamese court culture dating back more than a century, Erb combines past and present in a must-have  range of luxury beauty products, delivering a bounty of benefits. Containing the finest natural and certified organic ingredients and traditional remedies, the brands distinctive signature blends pampering, indulging,  soothing and stimulating skin, body and hair, whilst simultaneously delivering exceptional benefits and a delightful  sensorial experience.

Founded in 2000 by leading Thai fashion designer Pattree Bhakdibutr, the name Erb derives from an old Thai expression, “erb-im”, referring to the radiant glow of Thai women in historical times. This glow was said to signify a woman’s physical well-being as well as spiritual contentment.

Renowned in the Far East for their unique herbology blends, Erb expertly fuses rare and exotic Thai herbs together, to create an aromatic and synergetic blend in every creation to soothe body, mind and spirit.

This month Erb is taking part in Thailand, A Celebration of Colour and Light at London’s most famous department store, Harrods. We had the chance of meeting creator Pattree there and finding out a little more about what inspires her.

“I travelled a lot as a fashion designer and saw that the trend for healthy, authentic and natural beauty products were becoming more popular,” Pattree says. “Thailand is known for natural beauty products and organic foods passed down through the generations. I spoke to my mum and studied organic beauty before launching my range 12 years ago.”

“I start with the herb first, it’s the herb that inspires me. The key ingredients in our range are jasmine for soothing and calming, tamarind which exfoliates the skin and is high in vitamin C, ylang ylang has a lot of anti-aging properties and rice extract which has skin rejuvenating properties.”

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Pattree also has a very Thai outlook to life. “I believe that happiness is easy. It should be close to you,” she says. “In the morning I wake up and drink ginger tea instead of coffee and I move my ass! Little things can make me smile like a little bird or a flower. Then I end the day with jasmine to sooth my nerves and calm me down, five minutes at the beginning and end of each day just for you. The three most important things in my life are family, friends and positive thinking.”

Located, literally, within Harrods iconic Brompton Road store windows, this Thai extravaganza offers a window shopping experience unlike any other, allowing guests to physically step inside for a true sensory experience.

Throughout the month long celebration, not only will Erb take centre stage in the Harrods store window, but also the vibrancy of Thai culture will be brought to life by unmissable performances of elegant traditional Thai dance and live music.

To celebrate luxury Thai skincare brand Erb and their involvement with Harrods festival, Thailand, a Celebration of Colour and Light, we’re offering guests the chance to win over £350 worth of Erb products.  To win, simply take a picture of yourself outside the Erb pop-up window (along the Brompton Road), or inside the Erb pop-up shop and tag Erb UK on Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram (erb_uk) for the chance to win . One lucky winner will be selected at random and will be announced on 31st August.

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