5 Simple Ways To Get Bikini Ready For Summer!

Bikini bodyIs your summer holiday looming scarily near? Looking into ways to get your body ready for that teeny-weeny bikini you have had your eye on? Well look no further! Laurence Beeken, Food Information Executive at Weight Loss Resources shares his top, achievable tips.

1. Avoid Faddy Diets! (In fact don’t diet at all!)

In reality, no matter how many promises they make, quick fix diets do not provide a long-term solution for weight loss.The restrictive nature of fad diets quickly leaves us craving sugary, fatty foods so that we give up and pile the pounds back on, usually with a few more – just what you don’t want!

2. Be More Active!

You don’t necessarily need to become a slave to the gym! Brisk walking or dancing around your living room will do.Take every opportunity to increase your activity – go upstairs to use the loo, walk to the shops, walk up the escalators, find the furthest parking space in the car park!

3. Plan Ahead!

Plan every meal ahead to ensure you have the right food available at the right time!

4. Eat Regularly! (Including breakfast)

Regular meals, including breakfast, help you to regulate how much you eat by stabilising blood sugar levels and allow you to recognise natural feelings of hunger and fitness

5. Eat Slowly!

It’s not hard to eat slowly, but will take a bit of practice and conscious effort to start with to make it a habit. Here’s how to do it:

Take smaller mouthfuls
Chew slowly
Put your knife & fork (or spoon) down between mouthfuls
Try to eat slower than anyone else eating with you

Miss B

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