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It’s coming. Christmas is nearly upon us, and the festive season is bound to have parties aplenty. Getting out of the office and into your Christmas festivities looking fabulous is always tricky, which is why if there is one luxury you invest in over the party season, it should be a Christmas blow dry.

Killer hair is the single most important thing for confidence according to so many women, so for this season’s perfect party look pop into Headmasters for the perfect solution – the blow dry upgrade.

As we all know, the perfect blow-dry is an art form. The not too neat, not too messy look is one that we all struggle to perfect from our bedside cabinets.

Hard to define but easy to recognize, the ‘undone do’ is the blow dry of the moment. Celebrities who have championed the look include Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and the Kardashian clan.

The team at Headmasters have assured us, it’s the perfect look to see you through the Christmas party season. Easy to maintain and fast to create, the look will be available in Headmasters across the UK from November.

There are a couple of key elements that build the foundations for this blow- dry & make it worth booking into the salon for, but if you don’t have the time – Headmasters have given us a step by step guide to creating this killer look at home.

Step 1: Take a vertical section at the side of the hair near the hairline and gently wrap around the ghd soft curl tong, towards your face. Make sure you leave out the last 3cm, (which you hold between your finger and thumb) to give the ends a modern finish. You are looking to create the wave just through the centre part of the hair and to round the hair at the roots to create width.

Step 2: Repeat this motion through the fringe section wrapping the hair around the ghd soft curl tong towards the face at the root area only, leaving the mid lengths and ends out. Replicate on other side.

Step 3: Through the sides wrap hair almost to the ends, remember to leave only 3cm out.

Step 4: Take a triangle section through the top near your crown. Do this by placing?your index fingers together on the top of your head and tracing outwards and then back together just past the crown, the triangle section will give the perfect shape for flattering height through the top. Take? the GHD narrow dressing brush and gently tease the roots to 3cm through this section. Then lightly brush over the top, to brush into shape being careful not to brush too deeply and pull out the teasing. Keep the brush in your handbag to top up the styling through the night/day.

Step 5: Through the front, brush the hair back then push forward to create the front wave.

Step 6: Turn the brush on the side and use to lightly brush through the last 5cm flicking the style outwards at the ends.

Finally, the key to elevating your blow dry is to create the coveted oval, which means height at the hairline and width through the mid section and ends. Polished but untouchable, the blow dry upgrade is that perfect mix of playful and chic that Parisian women seem to get effortlessly right. Just add sass.

Alice Kelleher

Alice Kelleher

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