Top Five Coloured Lip Balms

colour balmLook great while still taking care of your lips with five of the best coloured balms. Wearing regular lipstick in the summer can dry out your lips, so it is important to keep them hydrated. Colour lip balms are a girl’s best friend in the sunshine because they are jam packed with goodness while still giving you some much needed colour.

Running errands: For those moments when you have to dash out the door, but need a quick pick me up to look and feel better about facing the outside world then opt for the Bagsy Lip Cocoon,£7, in the shade raspberry. This balm glides on effortlessly, leaving  a subtle hint of colour. The best thing is that it is super hydrating thanks to its blend of sunflower oil, shea butter, castor oil and beeswax . Buy it at

At Work: The new Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm gives the comfort of a lip balm, the coverage of a lipstick, and the shine of a gloss. What more could you ask for? Launched in July, it is available in 12 shades which are great to wear anytime of the day. It ideal for work when you want a good colour without drying the lips during a long day. Buy it at

lips 5Night Out: To achieve a glossy pout that is worthy of a red carpet then apply Lip Glaze by  Zelens, £29. It is available in five shades that  provide a long-lasting colour which is a must if you want to paint the town red. It also contains a collagen-building lip treatment with superior shine to give the appearance of fuller lips. But the best part is that it improves lip texture because it is infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against environmental assaults. Buy it at

On The Beach:  It is important not to neglect your lips when it comes to your sun-protection routine. If you are planning on a day at the beach then don’t forget to apply Lip Ointment With Colour SPF 15 by  Lanolips, £8.16. It is available in five shades which create a rich gloss look which is non-sticky and super hydrating, with the added benefit of SPF 15. It is great for when you want to relax on the beach with nothing on your face apart from your favourite shades, sun cream and a splash of colour on your lips. Buy it at

Budget:  If you want a cheap and cheerful coloured lip balm that is kind to your lips and your wallet then pick up the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, £5.99.  The collection of nine tinted balms give you a hint of colour while effortlessly moisturising  the  lips.  The most pigmented colour in the collection is Red Dahlia, but it is actually subtle once on the lips and creates the perfect ‘ your lips but better’ look. It is a great one to throw in your hand bag – safe in the knowledge that it is there to rescue your lips when needed. Buy it at

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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