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It’s time to get beautifully serious. We know that the UK is in trouble financially, so Belle is suggesting a new twist to your beauty regime. Why not buy British and do your bit for our home-grown industries. As well as vast corporations, there are many smaller companies who could probably do with your input. There’s a bonus  – and it’s probably the only one any of us will be getting this year! The products may be British, but quality-wise, they’re out of this world. Feel good about yourself both inside and out.

Woods of Windsor, from £3.50: Dating back to the 18th Century, the original shop is near the Queens’ top hang-out of Windsor Castle and the re-branding has brought this old favourite right up to date – even teenagers will appreciate the delicate floral smells and pretty retro packaging.

Harley Street Skin
, from £10: Products straight from Harley Street are an English and Beauty match made in Heaven. Devised by Dr Aamer Khan at the Harley St Skin Clinic, these products deliver cosmetic surgery standard results without going under the knife. All made in the UK. Belle is loving the lemon smelling Firma Serum at just £25. Contains Vitamin C to lift and tighten skin and collagen to firm and plump. Super pretty English rose Patsy Kensit is a fan of their StemCellulation Serum, £50.

Kent Brushes, from £1.95. You honestly can’t get more British than this. The brand was established in 1777 and has held a Royal Warrant for nine reigns. Oh yes, and the hair brushes are brilliant.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Products, from £3.75: Founded in 1985 by celebrated aromatherapist Robert Tisserand, the gorgeous smelling products are guaranteed to brighten any winter’s day. The body massage oils are just the thing to keep you (and your partner!) warm in this cold weather and Roll-On Remedies are aromatherapy aids for problems such as lack of concentration, problems sleeping and low energy.

Organic Surge
, from £4.99 (also available from John Lewis and Ocado). Scotsman Alan MacKenzie created this range of natural beauty essentials. The yummy smelling hair and skincare are perfect for Belles with a conscience – part of the profits is donated to African charities.

Vita Liberata Self Tan, from £17.50: It makes sense that a self tan be made in this country – what with the general lack of sunshine. This is just the time of year to be applying it – your summer tan is long faded and it’s time to prep for the Christmas parties. The bonus of this tan is that it doesn’t have that distinctive metallic smell – where anyone standing downwind knows that your glow isn’t natural.

Osmium For Men, from £12: A full range of Made In Britain products for the man in your life – if you think he deserves them. The products have lovely masculine names: Peak Performance Moisturiser, Age Defend Shave – bringing to mind a well-groomed Heathcliff wandering across the moors…Paraben free – not that men are likely to mind too much.

Connock London, from £18.50: OK, so the kukui oil in the products are sourced from the Hawaiian Islands, but Amanda Connock herself is as British as you get. Besides, we all need a little exoticism in our lives. The products are extremely moisturising and deliciously scented – reminiscent of tropical air.

Astral, from £1.49, stockists nationwide: As British as fish and chips on the quayside – this intensive moisturiser works for all ages and skin types. Fans include Twiggy and Christine Bleakley and it has just celebrated its sixtieth birthday – thus proving that sometimes the old ones are the best.

Imperial Leather
, from £1.48, Asda: For me, the distinctive soapy smell reminds me of my amazing grandparents – who always have it in their bathroom. Imperial Leather have just launched limited edition shower and bath creams – in Temptin Passion Flower and Precious Night Blooming Jasmine. Look pretty – in this season’s must-have colour purple – and  provide an intensely moisturising bath. Perhaps not ideal for a wake-up shower in the morning.

By Alice Smellie
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Alice Smellie

Alice Smellie

With a passion for beauty and over a decade’s experience working for national newspapers and magazines, Alice has written for such publications as the Independent, Harpers, Grazia, ES Magazine,Daily Telegraph, Brides magazine and InStyle magazine. For the last five years she has predominantly been writing beauty features for the Daily Mail. Her obsession with decent mascara is rivalled only by her increasingly desperate quest for effective anti-wrinkle creams. She adores cheap chocolate, expensive champagne and Edward Cullen with a passion and hasn’t left the house without wearing make-up since 1993 when the local newsagent didn’t recognise her without lipgloss.

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  1. Imperial Leather is so fab! It’s a classic I never do without. I’ve been using it since childhood. It’s the smell that really takes me back. I’ve been stocking up on the next generation of Imperial Leather products – their shower burst gels and shower cremes. I have seen them at the Semi Chem website at a good price.

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