Stop Ageing Without Invasive Treatments

Tripollar StopNo one wants to look older than their years and as we start a new year we assess how it is we look and how we want to look.

In recent years, many people, including celebrities that we look up to, have turned to radical treatments such as Botox and fillers to turn back the years and although these get rid of wrinkles, they leave people with an unnatural look that can actually be more aging than doing nothing.

There are a number of people however who are turning to smart treatments that are subtly making a difference to skin tone and elasticity. Until recently you would need to go to a specialist who would use laser treatments such as  infrared or radio-frequency to tighten skin and stimulate the production of collagen. But now there is an at home alternative.

Radio-frequency (RF) skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction procedures is at the forefront of anti-ageing treatments in salon. The TriPollar devices for use at home harnesses this and uses electronic tips to focus four low powered RF beams into the dermis and hypodermis of the skin to help the user achieve a smoother, firmer, more contoured face and body.

The manufacturers claim that the revolutionary TriPollar STOP provides an alternative to Botox, fillers or surgery by utilising pioneering technology on which is based on those used in anti-ageing clinics. The TriPollar STOP boosts collagen production in the skin which reduces wrinkles and makes your skin look younger.

Once you perfect the technique, the machine is quite easy to use. It takes about 20 minutes and is painless. You start by spreading the warming conductive gel across your face. Then you move the hand-held machine in small circle over a part of your face, moving on after a few minutes, until you have done the whole face. After the treatment you remove the gel and put on the moisturising cream which is rich and makes your skin feel incredibly smooth and soft.

It took about four weeks of treatments two to three times a week to start to see any difference but my skin texture started to look smoother, my spider veins faded and skin colour was more even. After eight weeks I would say that my skin looked plumper and smoother and people were making comments that skin looked great and I looked more relaxed.

I wasn’t the only one to try it out, my colleague Danielle also gave the machine a go. “After a few weeks noticed that my skin looked considerably more fresh with a rejuvenated shine,” she said. “It definitely helped reduce blemishes and enhanced smoothness and the post treatment moisturiser felt soothing and made my skin feel much tighter.”

If you are hoping it will get rid of wrinkles in the same way that Botox does, you will be disappointed. While it softens wrinkles, it won’t get rid of them all together.

And these results are not just subjective, there is clinical evidence that the TriPollar STOP is making a difference.


The TriPollar STOP product was tested in 2008 by Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. Paris), a specialist in anti-ageing and the TriPollar technology.  She monitored 23 women for the duration of six weeks  and at the end of their treatments the objective measurements showed on average an 86% improvement in periobital wrinkles, and a 76% improvement in perioral wrinkles.

The clinical studies showed up to 50% increase in dermal thickening resulting in skin tightening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The long term wrinkle reduction was on average 35% for periorbital wrinkles and 40% for perioral wrinkles with a maximum winkles reduction of 67%. A further clinical test performed by the societe de recherché GREDECO in France showed production of new dermal collagen of more than 40% after STOP treatment.

TriPollar STOP retails for £219  and is available via  or selected Boots stores.

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  1. susanmeade // January 14, 2013 at 12:06 pm //

    I’m afraid I disagree with you! Eight months ago, I also had a St. Catharines botox treatment to eliminate my facial wrinkles and it didn’t leave me with an unnatural look. This procedure actually gave me a more youthful and pleasant appearance. That’s why, I will always recommend botox injections for wrinkle removal!

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