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They say that a change is as good as a holiday and the same can be said for modifications to your appearance. Sometimes it can be a dramatic change that can transform the way that we look and feel, other times it can be a subtle change but either way, trying something different can make you reassess your look. Here three women make changes to their appearance to see if they look, feel or are treated differently.

Going from blonde to brunette
Ruth was born a natural blonde but she decided to take the challenge and dye her hair dark glossy coffee brown. Brunettes, in the past see as more serious and less fun than blondes,  have had a boost recently with women wanting to copy the Duchess of Cambridge’s lustrous mane of tumbling curls. Unfortunately blondes haven’t been helped out by the image of wannabe footballer’s wives with their brash bottle blonde tones.

“I always thought men like blondes more. And I liked being blonde,” Ruth said. “But I felt more confident being brunette and my partner really liked it. Out and about men took me more seriously and valued my opinions more than when I was a blonde. I feel lucky being able to carry off both looks, and, even though I miss having the same colour locks as my kids, I think I am going to keep my hair the new shade. Blondes may have more fun but brunettes are treated more seriously and that has done wonders for my confidence!”

Such a big change in hair colour is best done by a professional. “Changing hair colour from blonde to brunette can be simple depending on the original colour,” says Siobhan Jones, Colour Director, Headmasters. “If it’s virgin hair which has never been coloured before then a full head of foils or Headmasters Completely Gorgeous colour (which is half a head of foils and a glossing or tint) would work perfectly. If however the hair has been coloured before I would recommend visiting the salon for a free consultation to assess the hair condition and skin tone as well as develop the best possible colour.  Remember when changing colour it’s always best to do it in stages to keep the hair healthy and the colour true and vibrant.You can have your locks made rich glossy brown at Headmasters from £99.”

Don’t it make your brown eyes blue

If you read about a great beauty they will offer describe their eyes as piercing blue pools that you can get lost in. With brown eyes being the most common eye colour, it is only understandable that those who were born with brown eyes are keen to try out one of the rarer eye shades. And opposites can sometimes cause a striking difference. Dannii Minogue and Liv Tyler are known for their rich dark hair, perfect skin and piercing blue eyes. However with changes to contact lens technology, those with even the darkest eyes can change the colour of the iris while maintaining a natural look.

I had always seen my brown eyes as common and boring so was willing try replacing my normal contact lens with FreshBlends Coloured Contact lenses in blue.

As a contact lens wearer it was simple to simply replace my normal lens with the coloured ones. My biggest fear was that they would look unnatural and obviously fake however I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they cover my brown eyes but with their multi-tones made then look very natural. Initially it was very strange to see myself with blue eyes but I soon forgot I had the lenses in.

Friends did not immediately recognise the difference. They knew I looked different but they weren’t sure how, often until I pointed it out, which is testament to the realistic effect. The other interesting thing was that when I took them out I really saw the colour of my own eyes, perhaps properly for the first time. They weren’t just a boring brown they were a rich deep hazel with a strong espresso ring around the edge. The best thing is, for £9.99 for a month, it was a change that was easily affordable for when I feeling like a different look.

FreshBlends Coloured Contact lenses in blue from, from £9.99 a pair.

Making tracks to straighter teeth
When people think about adult braces they may remember when Miranda in Sex And The City took the plunge and got some mouth metal to straighten out her nashes and give her more confidence in her smile. Luckily getting braces these days are not quite as traumatic or obvious with clear braces and invisible braces the more popular form as they are fitted behind the teeth rather than in front. While this is not a quick change it is something that can make a big impact.

“Dentistry can make a huge difference to the way you look – particularly as an anti-aging treatment,” says dentist to the stars Uchenna Okoye. “The reality  is first impressions count and the way you look does matter and the most aging part of your face is the lower third and that is why teeth are so important but it is still a battle getting people to see dentistry as beauty.”

Sally had always been self-conscious about her crooked lower teeth and her twisted eye teeth. While her friends didn’t notice, it made her hesitant to smile.

“I understand Victoria Beckham’s aversion to smiling,” Sally says. “While I never resorted to a moody pout, I was always trying to avoid a wide smile that showed off my teeth.”

Sally was one of the increasing number of adults who decided to invest in her smile and get incognito lingual braces, or braces attached to the back of  her teeth. “They are not cheap and had to be on for 18 months but I was ready for a change. My teeth and jaw ached when they were first put on and each time they were tightened but you quickly get used to it. While I did develop a little lisp initially and it felt funny talking, other than the lisp my friends didn’t even notice I had them and even though I had told them, they often forgot.

“A year on and I am so happy with the results. It took me a while to stop hiding my smile and friends say I’ve never looked happier – so it was well worth the expense!”

Incognito lingual braces start at £3,000.

Miss B

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