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Despite modern advances in the beauty and wellbeing industry, the fountain of youth is still a much sought after thing. While botox and injectables showed promise early, the results of the less skilled practitioner and over zealous patient has led to a wrinkle-free but aged look that most belles but also their beaus, want nothing to do with!

It was with this in mind that I decided to try a Vitamin C peel at Destination Skin. These peels are one up from what you get at a beauticians with more potent and stronger ingredients that, in the right hands, can leave you glowing.

The clinic is a cross between a private medical centre and day spa which makes you feel confident about their professionalism while also being a relaxing environment. After filling out a medical history form, your practitioner assesses your skin so as to recommend the right treatment and type of skin peel. They also listen to the client’s expectation for results and downtime. With meetings the next day and a busy social weekend, I did not want to look like Samantha from Sex and the City when she went for a chemical peel!

destination skinThe Process

Firstly my skin was cleansed normally to remove any dirt or make-up. Then a lactic acid solution was applied to the skin to break down the old layers of the skin so that they could be removed and allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin. My therapist decided that a vitamin C peel was the best option for my skin as it resurfaces the skin, improving texture and smoothness using ingredients derived from natural fruit acids to remove dull, dead cells. The Agera Vitamin C Skin peel uses a unique combination of natural fruit acids and derivatives that deliver great anti-ageing results without redness or irritation. She painted on the solution twice and then activated it with water to help to penetrate the lower skin layers. After removing the peel, she then used a delicious lavender and orange moisturising mask and left me to relax and let it soak in.

The Results

All in all, the experience was very much like that you would receive at a good spa. The peel tingled slightly but other than that it was a thoroughly relaxing and luxurious treatment. The difference really is in the results.

My skin was glowing afterwards, my skintone even and pores and redness reduced. Friends and colleagues also commented on how nice my skin looked, they were even more surprised when I confessed I had no foundation on at all! A week later and I am still able to go foundation-free and I am told that a course of four treatments  and then maintenance treatments from time to time will improve the results further. The good thing about the vitamin C peel is that it causes stimulation of the fibroplasts deep within the skin to produce new collagen and elastin – meaning the effects of the treatment are long-term.

I guess the true test of whether it was successful is not just if you think you look better but by friends asking for the details of what you had and where so that they can book in themselves and that is exactly what happened after I had this treatment!

The Agera Vitamin C skin peel starts from £80 at Destination Skin.

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