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With Christmas fast approaching, our social lives are getting very busy indeed and with late nights a little too much over indulging and the cold weather, it is hard to keep our tresses in tip-top condition. Whether you are struggling with dehydrated, frizzy locks or limp, lank hair, there is something you can do to make sure that your hair looks great everyday.

Emma Rees, founder of the Blow Bar in Islington, offers some advice at keeping your hair looking fabulous. ‘The colder months can really play havoc with your hair,’ says Emma. ‘Not only does the texture feel flat and lifeless, it can often become frizzy, dry and dull. The best way to fight winter hair problems is to make sure that your hair is healthy, hydrated and protected with the right products.’

Here she shares her top five tips on how to get your hair looking fabulous for the festive season and even provides us with instructions for two show-stopping hair styles you can try at home:

1. Change to a more moisturising shampoo and conditioner
You should use different products for summer and winter as one shampoo and conditioner often can’t meet both requirements. During the winter months hair will need that extra little help to stay hydrated and conditioned because the cold air will dry it out in much the same way it dries your skin and lips.  Philip Kingsley has an excellent line of moisturising balance shampoo and conditioner to suit all types of hair.

2. Keep your hair hydrated and conditioned with treatments suitable for your hair type
Do a weekly hair treatment – they take no time and can be done in the shower in under five minutes.  Adding a treatment to your hair regime is essential throughout the winter months. I would recommend the L’Oreal Absolute Repair for thicker hair and the amazing Fiberceutic for finer hair.  This Fiberceutic is an AMAZING treatment for finer types of hair. In the industry we call it “Botox for hair” because it acts as a filler and plumps out the hair shaft. We offer this service in The Blow Bar for £15 and it definitely has a cult following.

3. Use an oil before blow drying your hair
Using an oil before a blow dry has many advantages; it adds shine, moisturises, combats frizz and will also help your blow dry last longer. We are huge fans of the L’Oreal Mythic Oil at The Blow Bar and use this on almost all our blow dry treatments. The avocado and grape seed oil is easily absorbed into the hair so it doesn’t leave it greasy.

4. Wear a hat on cold, windy days to avoid cold burn
Wearing a hat on those super cold and windy days will really help protect your lovely locks form all the damaging elements.

5. If all else fails learn how to do the ‘Top Tini’ a winter favourite amongst our clients

How to ‘Top Tini’ in 5 simple steps:

1. Brush all hair into a pony tail on the very top of your head.
2. Secure tightly
3. Backcomb the pony tail
4. Fan out the backcombed hair to create extra volume
5. Twist around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins


For the party season try a style that is a bit more glamorous and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Emma gives us a step-by-step lesson in how to achieve the perfect party looks.

How To Do A Grecian Twist

Expert Tips: This can take a bit of practice but, rest-assured, this can be achieved!

1. Brush hair through to remove any tangles
2. Section the hair on a diagonal at the back
3. Take the hair into three sections and start to braid from behind the ear
4. Take your time to make sure the sections are clean and smooth
5. Take the braid all the way around the head
6. Continue to check the front section to keep it smooth and neat
7. Bring the end of the braid around to meet the start point
8. Secure using a small hair tie and pins
9. Using your fingers, fan out the sections of the braid to make the hair look thicker

Product Tips: The best product to use on this is hairspray and dry shampoo to plump out the hair.

How To Do A Glamourous Half-up Do

Expert Tips: This style is best done on clean and freshly washed hair that
is then blast dried.

1. Using GHDs twist the hair to the desired curl
2. Section the hair from the ears to the top of the crown
3. Backcomb this section of hair to create extra volume
4. Pull back and pin into place
5. Take a small section of hair and twist over the bobby pins
6. Run fingers through the back section to separate the hair

Product Tips: Always use a mousse or a strong hold product to make this look last longer.

If like me you are all thumbs when it comes to your own hair, why not go to The Blow Bar in Islington and have the professional stylists there do your hair for you. In just 30 minutes you can be ready for your night out. You convenience, women can even change and get ready at The Blow Bar. This is the perfect solution if you are going out on the town and  work in London but don’t have time to go home first. You can leave your ‘day’ things in a locker and collect the following day. Prices start at just £24, to book call 020 7354 1551 or email

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