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When I was offered the opportunity to have my ‘skin mapped’ at a luxury retreat, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve always tried to look after my skin, and like most people on some days more than others.  I’ve had those nights where I’ve (gasp) slept in my make up and the odd holiday where I’ve hit the sun bed, but I love trying new beauty products. What I decided to find out was have I been doing it right?
My Dermalogica  professional, Miranda took me into a serene treatment room at The Serenity Retreat in Nottingham. We discussed my current skin care routine and I reeled off the usual list of moans about ageing skin. Turns out I’ve actually been looking after my skin pretty well, but have I been using the right products? 
Miranda began by taking off my makeup off, starting with a Dermalogica pre-cleanse oil, which was used to remove my eye makeup. She then recommended a separate eye make up remover to that which I use on the rest of my skin as the eye area is more delicate and sensitive. The product she used was massaged in to remove the make up from my skin. I won’t go into every product she uses as a Dermalogica facial is a personalised treatment which is unique to you and will vary upon your visit.   They specialise in treating sensitivity, ageing, acne, pigmentation and environmental damage.
 skin_mapping1The face mapping itself  takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes and can be included within a Dermalogica facial. It eliminates  the guesswork when selecting products for results on your skin. For the analysis, rather than analysing the skin in general terms, Miranda divided the face into fourteen distinct zones,  assessing individual problems and needs from an insight into my skin’s past and present. Each zone is thoroughly examined inch-by-inch through touch and sight and the findings noted. This allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regime for a healthy skin future, outlining on an actual facial landscape illustration where conditions occur. Mine include pigmentation and dehydration.
Face mapping is only available from authorised skin treatment centres, salons and spas worldwide and maintains an accurate record of your skin, which provides you and your Dermalogica Professional an objective view into the results of any professional product recommendation. 
So what is Dermalogica? I’d heard of it but didn’t really know a lot about it.  For over 25 years, Dermalogica have been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation and professional recommendation.  Jane Wurwand, a UK-trained skin therapist, recognised that continuing skin and body therapy education was practically non-existent in the US. She put her education into action, opening a small classroom and eventually developing Dermalogica, embracing her belief of skin health as opposed to “beauty”. A product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances) that would improve skin health, and we’re only available from qualified skin therapy professionals. 
Face fully prepped, Miranda looked for blackheads and blocked pores, ewww, you get the idea!  Luckily she told me that I don’t have many. I sometimes wear glasses and there are a few where they sit. Miranda extracted the ones she could. Rather her than me!  She talked me through my prescription and applied recommended products. 
I left the retreat looking slightly flushed and armed with a personalised skin ‘prescription’ and a selection of Dermalogica samples to try at home.  There are a lot of products to use as part of the routine, but I am sticking to it and have started to notice a difference. Combining this with regular Dermalogica facials would really benefit the skin.
* Fancy getting mapped yourself? Visit Your Skin – Dermalogica UK – Official Site to find your nearest stockist.
Tanya Louise

Tanya Louise

Tanya is a freelance writer – penning reviews, features and interviews for local and national websites including The Nottingham Post, LeftLion, The Northampton Chronicle, The Food and Drink Guide and Exclusive Magazine. She is the Editor for the Nottingham entertainment website and presents the NottinghamLIVE radio show on She also works in PR and Social Media Management. In a former life she was a vocalist, Red Coat and background artist. Tanya enjoys travelling, eating out at restaurants, theatre, interior design, shoes, shoes and more shoes. She lives close enough to the city but near enough to the countryside. Tanya is also the proud owner of a Chihuahua who thinks he’s a hairy little boy – Shhhh, don’t tell him he’s a dog.

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