Mankeover – three million men turn to make-up to look good

Long gone are the days when lipstick and eyeliner were reserved for women, as new findings shows us that metrosexual men, with their manscara and guyliner, are here to stay. Around 3.3 million men in the UK admitting to wearing make-up or other cosmetic products, according to a  new survey from Opinium Research.

The most popular products that male cosmetics users use include:

1.      Hair dye (30%)

2.      Eye creams (28%)

3.      Anti-ageing products (23%)

4.      Eye liner (21%)

5.      Fake tan (19%)

6.      Concealer (18%)

7.      Face powder (16%)

8.      Nail varnish (15%)

9.      Lipstick (13%)

10.  Mascara (12%)

Of those men that wear make-up, one quarter do so at least once a week, and one in eight do daily. However, they are speedy when getting ready as they take an average of 21 minutes to prepare for a night out, just over half the time it takes the average woman who spends 41 minutes getting ready.

The research also showed that men have used budget make-up replacements in order to achieve their desired look such as one in twelve using toothpaste to dry out their spots, one in 20 placing cucumber over their eyes, and a small number  using sea salt as a body scrub.

This serves to show how men are just as mindful as women about their appearance because out of those that wear make-up, one in five feel the need to wear it to work, and a quarter said they wouldn’t be comfortable to go to the pub without it.

In order to use get what they need, 35 per cent of make-up wearing men borrow their cosmetics from their partners. Out of these, two in five know and give it to them, and a further 40 per cent help them apply it. Women on the other hand prefer to borrow their beauty products from their friends.

“We’re living in an age where male celebrities can be seen to be wearing ‘manscara’ and ‘guyliner’ and everybody takes it as the norm,” James Endersby, Managing Director at Opinium Research says. “It looks like the metrosexual man is here to stay.”

If you prefer he didn’t stick his manly mits into your pots of make-up, get him some cosmetics of his own. Some of the places to get man make-up that your man would not feel uncomfortable using  are Aston Mitchell who stock a wide range of male grooming products from MyEgo to Fontana, Male Origin also stock a wide range of butch sounding brands such as Lock, Stock & Barrell and Jack Black. If you prefer the high street for picking up complexion perfecting tools for the guy in your life, check out the Clinique for Men.

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