Invisible Friends: Secret Beauty Solutions

Christie BrinkleyEven the most glamorous Hollywood star cannot claim to be perfect. Be it Jennifer Hudson’s sweaty bits or Jennifer Aniston’s bumpy hemline, there will always be something that people can pick on. It’s reassuring to know, but rare to see. However, just because we don’t often see stars’ flaws, doesn’t mean they’re not there – they are just hidden better. Magical make-up artists and designer dresses play their part, but so do a host of invisible friends – secret techniques and products which help mask imperfections and create that overall image of beauty.  From nicotine replacements to body contour pants, we’ve got the skinny on how to hide your flaws for the occasion that demands it!

sweatcollFrom Eva Mendes to Paris Hilton, the curse of the drenched armpit has affected many a Hollywood star. And while sweating may be the most natural thing in the world, unless you’re on a sports field it is sufficed to say there is never an acceptable time to have pools of perspiration pouring down your top. But when you’re rushing for that interview, dolling up for a date on a summer’s evening, or clambering through crowds of shoppers, sometimes they just can’t be avoided. That’s where the Dandi Patch comes in – the underarm perspiration shield designed to banish embarrassing sweat marks and tackle problems with excessive sweating. Unlike most ‘sweat-cure’ deodorants, this won’t block your pores or cause a nasty rash, it simply slots into your bra and soaks up the sweat as it’s released, trapping any nasty odour at the same time.

It’s a cast-iron fact that half of the fashion elite smoke more than a bonfire on Guy Fawkes. But while the likes of Kate Moss and her cronies may be happy to be snapped smoking on holiday, they wouldn’t dream of taking a drag while waltzing down the red carpet. And while other nicotine replacements might work in some situations, when you’re trying to make a statement the last thing you want to be doing is gurning with gum or scratching a patch you’ve wedged under your armpit. But if you’re trying to stop smoking, or it just isn’t the right time to be seen lighting up, you can just slide a Nicoccino nicotine between your cheek and gum and it will dissolve, giving you a nicotine hit without anyone around you knowing.

Jessica Alba The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards (Golden Globes 2012) held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Press Room Los Angeles, California - 15.01.12 Mandatory Credit:

Jessica Alba – 2012 Golden Globes

Lumps and bumps are part of our make-up, but that doesn’t mean we want to flaunt them. There are many body-contouring brands on the market but it seems the original is still the best. Having tried a range of offerings we found that Spanx offer the most support, comfort and style when worn underneath an outfit that demands a smooth finish. They may be a bugger to get on but once in place a pair of Spanx is just the job for creating the illusion of a flatter tummy or tighter bottom. A multintude of Hollywood stars put their slim figures down to Spanx, including Jessica Alba who confessed her Fantastic Four body was achieved by slipping on the shape-controlling underwear before every take!

nydjBut when you’re less red-carpet and more casual, you still want to look your toned and trim best. Picking a pair of jeans that truly flatter can be a minefield, and if the occasion demands the ability to be able to move and groove as well as just look the part, it can be hellish finding something to fit and feel comfortable too. That’s when the stars turn to NYDJ jeans, the designer denim dedicated to dropping your dress size. Available in a multitude of styles and colours, NYDJ jeans have pioneered slimming denim lines. Already loved by Lana Olgivie, Blue Blood’s Bridget Moynahan and plus-size model Ashley Graham, the brand recently revealed 80s icon and supermodel Christie Lee Brinkley as a new ambassador. Christie heads the new Fit To Be campaign for the Original Slimming Fit line, celebrating the shapes and sizes of all the women that wear their jeans. Slogans such as Fit to be Powerful, Fit and Fabulous will be attached to the campaign and the company are asking customers to join them using the #FitToBe Instagram hashtag showing them wearing their own pair. Prices start at around £120 for a pair of jeans, and trousers and tops are also available.

From nappy rash to a jar opening accessory, most of our mums swore by Vaseline as a household staple. But the little jar of jelly can be used for much more than rubbing on rashes. We love it as a secret weapon in our beauty regime. Use it to highlight cheekbones. We love a good highlighter or illuminator, but this is a super-easy (and way more budget-friendly) way to get glowing skin: Dab a bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones for a dewy finish. And define lashes. If you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to beauty products, you can get shiny, thicker-looking lashes without mascara: just Vaseline to the area makes lashes look longer and more voluminous. It also tames brows and extends the wear of your eyeshadow if you apply it on top of your eyeshadow after the final layer. All for a couple of quid. Genius!

aloeTo stay glowing on the outside it’s handy to be glowing from the inside too, and that’s why fitness fanatics and celebs alike swear by a bottle of Simplee Aloe  to pep up their skin. Containing 35% pure Aloe Vera, this drink can boost your immune system, clear your skin, and assist in detox plans. Being natural skeptics we weren’t convinced but after drinking two mini bottles a day for three days (and staying off the bad stuff like fizzy drinks and coffee!) there were visible results in our skin. A product that actually does what it claims to – what a novelty! Most health food shops stock both the mini carton and the litre one, as well as supermarkets including Sainsburys and Asda.

So now whether you’re heading to an interview,gearing up for a big night out or attempting a sophisticated smart/casual, you’re ready to go. All thanks to the stars’ invisible friends!

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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