Hari’s Honey Is The Latest Must Have Style For Hair

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Whoever said blondes have more fun had obviously not experienced the Hari’s Honey treatment. This latest hair craze has been specially developed for brunettes who want a sun-kissed glow. The look has been created by Hari’s Hairdressers and is inspired by the luscious locks of Californian beauties such as Eva Mendes, the Kardashian sisters and Jennifer Lopez.

I recently visited the salon in King’s Road, London to experience this latest must-have treatment in the hopes that senior colourist Mel Halacoglu would work her magic on my dull locks. The process involves using a mix of slices and balayage highlights, which are painted in up to four different shades, to give a softly lightened effect.

Before any dye even touched my hair, Mel – who specialises in creating a natural looking hair tone – assessed the colour and condition of my locks. She decided three different shades of honey and caramel would be applied to my hair to soften the darkness of my hair colour. I noticed she teased a portion of my hair near the roots before applying the dye. When I quizzed her about this she said that this is to help defuse any blunt lines and  means the re-growth then becomes manageable.

Brunette balayageBut having a Hari’s Honey treatment is so much more than just changing your hair colour. It’s about being pampered while that happens. I was even treated to a mini neck and head massage while the dye was being washed out of my hair.

Another unique feature of the salon is that it is the antithesis of bland. As soon as you walk into the bustling salon you’ll notice its unique decor. To say it stands out from the crowd is an understatement. Each booth has its own unique mirror, one looks like a red telephone box, and another is covered in velvet, pearls and lace.

The process can last anything up to one and a half hours. But the time flows by quickly as you’re spoilt all the way. You don’t have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty because the salon has an in-house bar where you can order delicious sandwiches, fruit bowls , smoothies, teas, coffees and even cocktails. And you certainly won’t be twiddling your thumbs waiting for your hair colour to dry as there are a mountain of fashion mags to read. There is even a nail bar, which according to the buzz on the salon floor, is often used by celebrity clients such as singer Lilly Allen.

The salon is on Kings Road, and despite the area’s posh reputation, the staff are  welcoming. Some hairdressers can feel stuffy and uptight, which is the last thing you want as the whole joy of going to a salon is to feel pampered and have a nice gossip.

Aamina before & afterThe most enjoyable part of the process was having my hair styled by junior stylist Rosanne Abell, who added soft curls to the bottom of my hair with her clever blow drying technique. But the thing that made the experience lovely was that she did it while making friendly chit chat. And by the time I left the salon, I actually felt like a different person to when I walked in (see the results left!).

It is incredible what having good hair can do to your confidence – you walk taller, flick your hair about and dare I say it, even check your reflection in shop windows. Hari’s Honey not only gave me good hair, but also a good mood.

The cost depends on which colourist you book but ranges from £100 to £350.

Hari’s Hairdressers, 233 Kings Road, London, SW3 5EJ. Call 020 7349 8722 or email enquiries@harissalon.com for more information.

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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