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Blondette, Bronde, Dip Dye, Balayage… it’s never been harder to pick a colour and a style that you think would suit your hair colour.

Gone are the days when you sat down with your friends and found a quiz in a magazine that told you which hair colour you would suit? If you found a colour it was often a simple blonde, brunette, black or red head, if you were feeling really out there, you would perhaps mix it up and choose highlights.

Alternatively you’d pop in to see your colour stylist before your cut to discuss colour options and hair trends.

Although this style of colour matching all feels rather passé now, we do kind of miss the fun and retro way to pick your new ‘do’. So when we heard Headmasters have developed a colour theory to try and bring back old school colour methods, making them a relevant for a new generation, we were super excited.

Starting your session with ten minutes in the consultation chair, the Headmasters Expert colourist will visually determine your perfect salon colour.

They will talk you through different tones that will suit your style, your colourings and talk to you about ways to incorporate current hair trends.

The main thing is understanding that small changes can make all the difference. Sometimes the new colour can be quite a surprise, and it’s often the tiniest tonal tweak that can make a huge difference.

The process uses a specially developed colour wheel, a cape and some well collated mood boards. It’s a modern fun approach to hair that feels quite personal and retro, in the modern day of Pinterest and online mood boards, its nice to sit down and go through trends and looks with a mood board and a colour wheel. Upon my visit my colourist and I went through a range of different colour’s and I decided on a subtle bronde colour that is relatively low maintenance.

The final look was definitely different, and it was a colour that I had so many compliments on, I’ll certainly be returning for more of the same.

If you’re unsure what to expect from the colour consultation, you’ll pick looks that you like, and your colourist will suggest looks that will suit both you, and the style you are trying to achieve.

This new way of colouring will certainly shake up the way you get your hair done, making your monthly trip to the hair salon a little more personal and fun.

  • Your perfect ready to wear hair is now within easy reach, book in with a Headmasters branch. Their branches can be found online here.
Alice Kelleher

Alice Kelleher

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