Catwalk Ready Hair

Gorgeous shiny locks are an essential part of feeling and looking fabulous and you don’t need to spend a fortune on products to get your hair looking at its best. Here are Belle’s top tips for making your hair look catwalk ready.

1) Wash hair only 2-3 times a week so that you don’t dry it out. Make sure you mix up the brands of shampoo and conditioner that you use so that you don’t get a build up of product.

2) Whenever you can let your hair dry naturally, I like to put mine into two plaits after washing and before I go to bed. In the morning I just take out the bands and I have beautifully wavy hair. If you do need to blow dry, let your hair get mostly dry first and use a low heat setting. Whenever you use heat on your hair such as hairdryers and straighteners make sure you use a heat protecting spray first.

3) Try not to brush your hair, it may seem counter intuitive but brushing your hair too much can actually damage it. Try to only brush your hair while it is still wet after you have conditioned it using a wide toothed comb or natural bristle brush.

4) Trim your hair regularly, there is nothing like spilt ends and frizz to make your hair look unkempt. It can get expensive to go to a salon every six weeks so invest in some hairdressing scissors and trim the ends yourself at home. You can even ask a friend you trust to trim it for you.

5) Treat your hair to a deep condition every month. The longer you leave it on the better the results so if you can leave it on overnight you will be rewarded in the morning with soft shiny hair.

Belle’s hair essentials:

Madara Eco Hair – Nourish and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner £9.90 each

Lush – Retread £12.50

Fish – Protective Straightening Mist £3.49

Paul Mitchell – The Masque £15.25

by Rachel Gardner
[picture credits: Hair Tools Ltd]
Miss B

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