Belle’s Guide To Glowing Skin

Healthy, glowing skin radiates beauty and helps women to look younger. While foundation can cover imperfections and wrinkles it is no substitute for natural skin that shines. Here is Belle’s guide to getting your face gleaming without weighing it down in heavy foundation.

1.  First up you need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt that can dull the skins appearance. Scrub Up (£15.80) by Angela Langford contains Jojoba Oil and Papaya to remove greasy and grime and uncover brighter looking skin. You want to exfoliate once or twice a week and on the days that you don’t exfoliate you want to start with step 2.

2. Cleansing your skin will help to get rid of any traces of make up or dirt collected on your skin throughout the day or night. Simple has this great foaming cleanser (£4.49) that contains vitamins and nutrients that skin loves. Pro vitamin B5 actively smoothes, softens and restores while Geranium conditions and regenerates.

3. Toner is often a step that is overlooked in skincare routines but it is vital to achieving healthy looking skin. Toner helps to minimise pores and helps the skin absorb moisturiser but stay away from toners with alcohol as they can dry out the skin. Payot’s Tonique Purifiant (£16.50) contains green coffee extract that stimulates the skin and doesn’t contain any alcohol.

4. Skin always looks healthier with the hint of a tan but fake tan can be messy, difficult to apply and obviously fake. Evolve’s Skin Glow Body Cream (£13.99) adds a hint of colour on each application so you are completely in control of the shade. It builds a lovely natural looking sheen and smells fantastic. Apply every other day to create a healthy glow rather than an unnatural tango.

5. Skin Science Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream (£95) is the number one collagen booster in skincare. It claims to increase collagen production by 600% in only 8 days. The more collagen your skin has the younger and fresher your skin looks. The active ingredients are the most powerful antioxidant made by nature so its no wonder these new products are getting everybody excited.

by Rachel Gardner
[picture credits: tommerton2010]
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