Top Five Hard Working Face Scrubs

PicMonkey faceWe all know that regularly exfoliating our face is the key to achieving cleaner and clearer skin. But finding a good scrub that actually works without feeling like you have just rubbed your face with sandpaper can be tricky. Luckily for you, we’ve tested out countless facial exfoliators to find our favourite five.

Good all rounder: There are certain brands you can trust to come up with good reliable products. And Elemis have come up trumps again with Skin Buff,£27. This is ideal for all skin types as it helps re-energise dull and lifeless skin. It contains shea butter and beeswax base so it is super nourishing. But the fine exfoliating granules slough away dead skin cells – leaving a brighter complexion. The mix of ingredients manage to strike the right balance of removing impurities while still feeding your skin with goodness. Buy it from

Makeup Lovers: We all love to doll ourselves up. But every girl knows if you don’t have flawless skin to start with, your makeup will go on patchy. So for even and smooth looking skin try Face Polish by Laura Mercier, £25.50. This peach scented scrub has a creamy base so it feels like a real treat to massage in. It is jam-packed with tiny but deep working microbeads which scrub off dead skin. It’s strong, so you only need to use it once a week to see a result. I noticed the difference in my skin instantly. Not only was it brighter, smoother and more evenly toned, but my moisturiser and make-up glided on beautifully afterwards. My husband also tried this before shaving as he found this deep working scrub helped prevent ingrown hairs – a common problem for men who enjoy a close shave. I can not recommend this scrub enough. Buy it at

five scrubsSensitive Skin: Trilogy’s Gentle Facial Exfoliant, £21.50, is great for anyone who has delicate skin. The thick cream is full of tiny granules which get rid of surface debris without stripping away nutrients from  your skin. You will need to use it at least twice a week to see the best results as it is very gentle. A good tip is to take advantage of the super creamy texture by leaving it on for five minutes before scrubbing and rising off. Doing this on occasions means it acts as a mini mask and leaves the skin very soft afterwards. Buy it at

Regular use: Searching for a facial scrub to add into your daily beauty routine, which is both gentle but effective, is quite frankly a thankless task. If you are sick of kissing a lot of frogs in the hunt for the prince charming of daily facial scrubs then search no more.  Consider me  your beauty fairy godmother and try Alpha-H’s Gentle Daily Exfoliant. This scrub, £34.50, contains papaya and pineapple extracts as well as crushed fruit enzymes to effortlessly remove dead skin cells, and to sweep out congested pores and blackheads. Daily use will also help to  reduce inflammation and uneven pigmentation.  It is free from synthetic and artificial ingredient which makes it great for anyone with sensitive skin. The bottle dispenses a measured dose of the product each time, so you can be rest assured that you are not using too much or too little. Buy it from

Budget: If you are looking for a good scrub without splashing a lot of cash then try Eau Thermale Avène’s Gentle Purifying Scrub, £9.50. It has been specially formulated to gently eliminate impurities, while the exfoliating microbeads provide an effective yet gentle scrub. The mild gel-like texture also prevents skin from drying out. It is great to use before applying a facial mask or a moisturising cream because it  helps the active ingredients penetrate further in the skin. Buy it from

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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